Aims and Objectives


Our motto is to help humankind where they need it the most. We realize that this can be easily achieved by presenting to them Srila Prabhupada’s teachings in its original form.  Since his teachings cover a broad spectrum of social, economics, educational, and religious as well as spiritual subject matters, we have divided our objectives into two main categories:

1) Global objectives

2) Objectives concerning Mayapur local community

 Global objectives and activities:

  • Establish Srila Prabhupada’s unique position on this planet as an ambassador of the spiritual world.
  • Eliminate the many misconceptions about ISKCON, especially among Indians.
  • Promote the Temple of Vedic Planetarium and publish regular updates on its progress.
  • Gather news from all ISKCON centers and publish them on a regular basis.
  • Write rebuttals to negative propaganda as and when needed.
  • Expose the countless bluffs and failures of modern science in various fields.
  • Explain spirituality in modern terms that ordinary people can easily relate to.
  • Build healthy relations with non-ISKCON media services across India.

Aims and activities concerning Mayapur community:

  • Highlight Mayapur devotees’ spiritual achievements and devotional career, regardless of their managerial or non-managerial positions, thus encouraging them and inspiring others.
  • Encourage devotees to write their realizations and publish them.
  • Help bring Mayapur community together, beyond provincialism and elitism, by regularly publishing Srila Prabhupada’s quotes and articles penned by experienced devotees.
  • Extend support to the rank and file class of sincere residents of Mayapur, who feel helpless, unheard, and neglected, but have no avenue to express.  In the absence of a neutral support system many disheartened devotees have left Mayapur/ISKCON. We want to minimize such occurrences.
  • Discourage gossips. Mistakes and scandals are all-pervading in this age but intelligent people appreciate when such mishaps are given due attention and disciplinary actions are taken on the wrongdoers. A well-intended exposure also helps prevent potential mishaps. For these reasons, we intend not to shy away from addressing such issues – sensitively but resolutely – whenever found proven.
  • Hear and understand Mayapur community’s difficulties, dissatisfaction, anger and frustrations, and provide collective suggestions for improvement on the part of the management to avoid bitter feelings between the management and the citizens of Mayapur.
  • Help devotees establish themselves in Mayapur by keeping them informed of business opportunities, and by supporting their small businesses.
  • Promote selfless service to cows and protection of trees in Mayapur.

For information on how we intend to work on these objectives, please read the list of topics that we propose to publish articles on, on regular basis.

Towards Transcendence!
Towards Transcendence!

Hare Krishna