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ndtv co-founder house probed

Is it wrong to question media barons? NDTV cannot be an exception

Refusing to come under pressure from media companies who label every legal action against them as anti-democratic, murder of free speech, and such other...
declare cow national animal, says high court justice

Rajasthan High Court: Make slaughter punishable by life term. Declare Cow as National Animal

In a lengthy yet pleasant statement, the Rajasthan High Court has strongly recommended that the cow be honored as India's national animal. The retiring...
vijay mallya

What will Vijay Mallya do now? India unveils anti-fugitive bill to corner economic offenders

This is another masterstroke of the Indian government under Narendra Modi's leadership. The painful question for the likes of Vijay Mallya et al is, where...
Akshaya tritiya wishes

Did you know this about Akshaya Tritiya?

Generally known as a Hindu auspicious day, akshaya tritiya holds a much greater significance for the entire human society. Due to this, many great...
Jayapataka Swami

Sri Mayapur ISKCON celebrates His Holiness Jayapataka Swami’s 68th appearance day

ISKCON's Sri Mayapur center saw an unprecedented crowd in the temple on the 68th appearance day, called Vyas puja, celebration of His Holiness Jayapataka...
Navadvipa mandala parikrama

This one thing can save the world – Navadvipa mandala parikrama

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura wondered, “when will that day come when the fair-skinned foreigners will come to Sri Mayapur dham and join with the Bengali...
hitler mystery

Massive cover up on Hitler’s departure? “Harald Hitler” arrested

Unknown to millions, a new theory suggests that Adolf Hitler did not die the way it is being taught and believed all these years. The...
New Year 2017

Welcome New Year 2017

As we step into the new year, we would like to thank you for your support during year 2016. Last year Mayapur Voice saw...

US Neurologist says chanting of Hare Krishna could heal Schizophrenia

Ancient Vedic scriptures extensively talk about the power of chanting mantras on mind and its various functions. Modern science faces serious difficulties explaining the...

Nature surprises environmentalists – Giant snowballs appear on a beach

The locals in the village of Nyda say they have never seen anything like this in the past. Some of the snowballs, which are...


Is Hinduism not a Religion?

I was surprised when I came across a politician's comment on Hinduism. He said that the word Hindu does not figure in Vedas and...

Go after them wherever they go – Serve them justice

I found the following news article interesting and thought it's a good news from the Reserve Bank of India.  India needs to crack down...

Learning more about Sri Krishna on Janmastami day

Did you ever ask yourself why, if Krishna was born only some 5000 years ago, His Name appears in Vedas and Puranas, which are...

Krishna consciousness does not exclude mundane ethics; it goes beyond them

It is observed over and over again that many religious and spiritual leaders tend to take their popularity for granted and indulge in acts...

Celebrating Lord Sri Balarama Appearance day

Many of us know Sri Krishna Janmastami, but not all of us know that just seven days before Janmastami comes the appearance day of...