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Ever thought of letting people know what you think? If you would like to share your story, experiences, wisdom, realizations, reports, suggestions, or even random thoughts, with Mayapur Voice readers, this page is exclusively meant for you.

Hesitant to write? Writing is not really difficult.  The easiest way to write an article is- start writing! Yes, and once you start writing, your mind and intelligence will guide you through. Write down your thoughts, add to it a couple of pictures, videos or even links from the internet. You can publish it yourself or send it to us at mayapurvoice@yahoo.com, and you are done- we publish it.  Taking a look at our editorial policy and general guidelines may help.

Take a note of what one of the top writers of the world has to say about writing:

Not sure how to go about it? Check out what others have done.

Still not sure what to write? Here is a suggested list of topics. Or make one of your own and start sharing.

  1. Importance of reading and distributing Srila Prabhupada books.
  2. Need and benefits of Congregation development.
  3. Importance of going on Parikramas and developing the Navadvipa-mandala.
  4. Protection and preservation of holy tirthas, sacred rivers.
  5. Benefits of Vedic culture as presented by Srila Prabhupada over modern culture.
  6. Benefits of eating Vegetarian food and Krishna prasadam.
  7. Agriculture, cow protection, and preservation of trees and other natural resources.
  8. Value of abiding by moral codes of conduct and its role in Krishna consciousness.
  9. Role of women in the Sankirtana movement.
  10.  Dangers of imitating mahabhagavata devotees.
  11.  Dangers of superstitions and believing in so called seers and unqualified astrologers.
  12.  Importance of hearing from Srila Prabhupada.
  13.  Benefits of Ayurveda and dangers of modern medications, food habits and lifestyle.

Happy writing 🙂