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Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming

Articles, News, videos, and Research work on farming and agriculture

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Good and Bad of Onion and Garlic – A comprehensive analysis

It is quite easy to find health benefits of a particular food item especially when we like its taste. This is the reason modern food...

Remembering the forgotten Folk freedom fighters

We often hear of folk songs and folk dance. We also talk about folk festivals and folk culture. What we don't usually hear of...

Brexit – Beaten Britain or Fall of Europe?

Out of curiosity, today I Googled "Brexit" and found a whooping ~14,40,00,000 results in 0.43 seconds. Compared to that, the word "economy" returned about...

Understanding Vata dosha in Ayurveda

In the ancient Ayurvedic text, the Charak Samhita, Charak describes all the etiological factors which contribute to disturbances in the body’s channels (srotas). ...

Stress – Its effect on health and how to beat it

They say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they can make things happen and those who believe things happen...