Saying No to Alcohol goes beyond personal benefits


In addition to what I just posted on women destroying liquor factories, here are some compelling reasons why one should keep away from drinking alcohol products. The havoc alcohol consumption continues to create in human lives is not unknown. Besides all that we keep hearing, did you know that according to a report, just in road accidents alone, alcohol kills some 1.8 million people every year worldwide?

Studies suggest that depression, a serious mental disorder leading to suicides around the world has a direct link to drinking. This is because alcohol consumption decreases the serotonin levels in the brain and that triggers unexpected mood swings. Feeling dejected, aggressive, anxious, angry, etc. are some of the byproducts of drinking.

The question asked is, why then people still keep drinking?

It is understood that some people drink to forget themselves and others drink to show off. Nowadays alcohol consumption has become a status symbol and people are fooled into believing that by drinking they look great and the more expensive wine you consume the more you are branded greater and wealthier. This is plain nonsense but due to misleading propaganda, advertisements and, most importantly, lack of good education, this misconception has found its place in our society.

Regardless of the reason one may drink, it quickly turns into an addition and reaches a stage from where the victim finds no return.

There are some attempts to prove that drinking in less quantity is fine. This is another misleading propaganda. The fact is, the alcohol industry is unable to deny the dangers of alcohol on human health, so instead of saying don’t drink, which means a huge financial loss for the industry, they publish paid research results that suggest that regulated drinking does not harm. Don’t buy their argument if you are serious about yours or your dear ones’ well being.

“Alcohol has also been known to have a negative effect on one’s memory. Here’s what happens: right after you consume alcohol, it works to slow down the brain processes, thus affecting your short-term memory. But it doesn’t stop there. After you’ve consumed heavy amounts of alcohol, the brain stops recording memories into the long-term memory storage. It’s for this reason that you wake up the next day not remembering anything. Overtime, alcohol damages the brain cells that even when you’re not drinking, you’ll find it tough to remember where you’ve put your keys, what you did yesterday, or what you were going to do for that day.”

“Contrary to popular belief, drinking alcohol is not a way to “de-stress”. Instead of reducing stress, as what most people think, alcohol actually increases it. Yes, it’s true that a glass of wine can help you relax, but what it does in the long run is to shoot up your stress and anxiety levels. It does so by throwing the brain chemicals out of whack. It even contributes to depression, as mentioned early on. “(Source Alcohols Adverse Effects on Mental Health )

To justify drinking, people may say that they don’t have any problem or that they don’t care about their health, but they must acknowledge that it is not only the drinkers who are at loss. All those who they deal with also get affected by this pitiably wrong habit or fashion. It is the duty of every responsible citizen to think not only of one’s own but also of others’ benefit. This makes saying no to alcohol an essential part of a civilized society.


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