Coronavirus – Curse, Conspiracy or Karmic reaction?

If not taken seriously, the next slap of mother nature could be even harder. This time the virus may be spreading only with droplets or physical touch, the next time it could be carried by air, by water or by electromagnetic radiations. We never know. It's all about infection and the nature has many ways to carry it across the world targeting deserving offenders. As a matter of fact, mother nature has much more lethal weapons than pandemics.


With Coronavirus inflicted Covid-19 sweeping the world the internet and social media are flooded with Coronavirus related news, fake news, information, disinformation, misinformation, speculations, debates, jokes, advice, claims, blame games, fear mongering and what not. Some rare-to-see spiritual wisdom is also doing rounds.

A quick google search on “coronavirus” at the time of publishing this returned 6.45 billion results and “covid-19” returned 6.25 billion results. This shows hardly anything is left to be said. However, this is just the beginning. Let the dust settle and we will see another wave of content involving postmortem of events, big claims by scientists and researchers on how they won the battle (after terribly beaten), propaganda by political leaders, giant efforts to revitalize the crumbling world economy, and grievances and success stories by recovered Covid-19 patients, to say a few.

Before moving forward let it be clear to readers that we all share the pain our fellow human beings are going through due to Covid-19 pandemic. Many have suffered great losses in their life including losing their dear and near ones and we are no exception. Our sympathy goes to those suffering due to coronavirus in whatever way, be it health or economy. We want to thank all including government agencies for fighting the disease day and night. At the same time, we also sympathize with the other creatures on the planet for the pain they too are going through. For sure, there is a lot more we humans could do to avert such chaotic situations.

Some people are programmed to discard anything controversial. They find it safe or wise to go only with official, government released information. There are others who always look at official versions with suspicion and passionately promote conspiracy theories. There also is a class of people who keep their antennas on and hear whatever comes beyond official versions and analyse it before coming to any conclusion. Considering the present world scenario when governments are loaded with corrupt office bearers and news agencies are no more trustworthy, I find it wise to be in the third category. Perhaps you too. The irony is, often what they call conspiracy theories turn out to be facts.  This, however, is not always the case.

Major controversial theories around Coronavirus

1) Coronavirus (also known as Wuhan virus or Wuhan-400) is a biological weapon, either to attack enemy countries or to mass kill certain age group to lessen burden on treasury funds.

2) Coronavirus is a gamble by China for economical gain to China while destroying its enemy countries’ economy.

3) Some more sophisticated claims point at Coronavirus connection with 5G roll out.

All of these make sense to less or more degree when you study the schedule of events and how Covid-19 ended up becoming a pandemic. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, the world health organisation (WHO) has also been alleged to have played a role in it.

So far Coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) being a biological weapon, I wouldn’t call it a crazy proposal considering it is possible to use human bombs in innovative ways, be it suicide bombers or Covid-19 patients. So far Coronavirus benefiting China’s economy, the figures are there to verify or discard it. Only time will reveal whether this will make China win over US economy but the chain of events do remind me of ISKCON‘s founder, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s cautionary words addressed to the United States of America back in 1972:

“So if the Americans remain godless in the name of so-called trust in God, they will not be able to check this communistic movement. They will not be able. Now, if they are serious to check this communistic movement, save the American country as well as the whole world, then they must be very serious to understand what is God and what is trust in God. Otherwise this communistic movement will finish the civilized human society.” (Morning Walk, December 12, 1973, Los Angeles)

So far Coronavirus connection with the 5G theory, it may sound weird to general populace but it does provoke thoughts in  those who understand how electromagnetic frequencies can be used to remotely change genetic structures of living creatures, including human beings, within a certain range. It is alleged that while experimenting on 5G capabilities China blew it and ended up making the present mess causing tremendous damage in a very short time especially to countries having more 5G installations.

A relevant side thought

Regardless of whether China, or US for that matter, played a mischief or foolishly blew it, the usage of high electromagnetic frequency as biological weapon does remind us of the description given in the Vedic scriptures as to how various epidemics, natural calamities and seasonal changes on this planet are remotely managed by demigods and other celestial beings. They must be using some sort of sound waves and magnetic frequencies to control and communicate with this planet and its inhabitants in a two way communication. For example, by uttering Vedic hymns and mantras in a prescribed fashion, i.e. using specific sound frequencies, one can communicate with other planets and celestial beings. This can only be a scientific conclusion. Modern technology has already enabled number of military equipment to use higher magnetic frequencies to attack the enemies invisibly. The battle of Kurukshetra and many other wars described in Vedic scriptures also refer to sound frequencies or mantras used to invoke particular weapons. That’s another topic for some other time

Is Coronavirus a Curse?

Very likely. And the curse is not from great sages of the past but from the animals, birds, reptiles, insects and what not that have been killed in millions over past few decades. Srila Prabhupada had categorically warned against such curses. In a series of lectures and conversations during the last century he cautioned social and government leaders of the dyer consequences of reckless animal killings, especially cows, and said that the nature will not tolerate wholesale killings of innocent animals for a long time.

Cows being the mother may not curse but mother nature does not endlessly allow humans to cruelly torture and slaughter such peace loving selfless animals. Cows eat grass, something that grows without anyone looking after it. They are so inexpensive to maintain and yet so useful! But not considering any of these, the demons on the earth are brutally killing them. Such fools do not realize that  their ghastly actions will not go without giving horrendous reactions. Covid-19 is just a warning, which, if ignored, the next slap of nature will be truly disastrous, far more painful and overwhelming than what we are seeing today.

Is Coronavirus a Karmic reaction?

Common sense would agree without an iota of doubt that Covid-19 is in fact a karmic reaction. Animal killings for belly and money is just one nonsense. There are many more.

A few years back we saw culling of hundreds of thousands of chickens under the pretext of saving mankind from “bird flu”, and prior to that similar slaughter took lives of thousand of innocent cows for preventing what they called the “mad cow disease”.

First of all, why on Earth should humans eat dead animals when healthier food can be grown on thousands of acres of empty land? And their greed is not limited to ordinary land, now they have started killing sea creatures and wild animals from deep forests. Is this human civilization? By the law of nature such sinful people are bound to get sick and tortured. This is by no means being indifferent to others’ pain. It is about facing the reality regardless of who the sufferer is. Enforcing the law of karma is the invincible domain of mother nature, represented personally by Durga Devi. She is merciful but she also knows well how to settle the score. When She takes action, demoniac people have no choice but flee to death. What Covid-19 has done is just a small demonstration of what nature can do.

As I had pointed out in another article, here are a few more examples showing why Coronavirus is undoubtedly a karmic reaction:

The Earth has been tortured to the core. Environment has been messed around for decades. Agriculture is industrialized, rivers are blocked by monstrous dams, oceans are drilled for oil and minerals, rain clouds are throttled by pollution and poisonous gases, digging the Earth deeper for metal and coal resources has become a subject matter of auctions, forests are invaded by human population and wild animals are struggling to survive.

What more? Trees and pants, including valuable herbs, are razed to ground indiscriminately, modesty is rapidly vanishing, chastity is considered outdated, women are both encouraged and indirectly forced to shed their clothes publicly in the name of being bold and modern,  and sex perverts are becoming part of day to day life. Human trafficking, selling of body parts, thriving medical industry at the cost of lives, and criminal negligence of the basic rights of innocent creatures like cows and bulls, birds and reptiles has gone rampant.

The list of sins committed on this planet sees no end but people still want to believe that they can avert damages and loss of lives by research and money. Utter foolishness! Such mentality will only lead to bigger natural calamities.  If the argument is that these are man made calamities and not karmic reaction, then we need to understand that when human mentality is contaminated, they are forced to act as nature’s agent because they are under nature’s control and bound by their own collective karma.

One should not make a mistake of planning to resume his or her routine life filled with selfish, sinful activities once the pandemic is over. The next slap of nature could be even harder. This time the virus may be spreading only with droplets or physical touch, the next time it could be carried by air, by water or by electromagnetic radiations. We never know. It’s all about infection and the nature has many ways to carry it from person to person, area to area and country to country. As a matter of fact, mother nature has much more lethal weapons than pandemics. Being wise is in everyone’s benefit.

On a positive note, as Srila Prabhupada has repeatedly advised, by taking shelter of the Supreme Lord Krishna all obstacles can be overcome. Especially in Kaliyuga there is no other remedy but chanting the holy names of the Lord. Any name of God is fine. Doesn’t matter which faith you belong to. When a disease spreads, we don’t accept or reject a remedy based on which country or faith has discovered it. Similarly, in this age, the chanting of the names of Hari, or more specifically, the Hare Krishna maha-mantra is prescribed for getting relief not only from Covid-19 or any other new diseases but altogether from the perpetual material miseries that we are otherwise forced to undergo life after life. Wise are those who understand this principle and take it up seriously for their own benefit and for the benefit of the world.

Take care. Hare Krishna.


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