Election 2019 is the toughest ever challenge to Indian voters

Their tactic is simple; lie and continue lying until it is exposed. Once a lie is exposed, create another lie and engage the voters in debates leaving no space for sober thinking.


The Republic of India is going to general elections in a few days, from 11th April to 19th May. Who will occupy the 543 seats in Indian parliament is scheduled to become known on 23 May 2019. According to the Election Commission of India, total 900 million people are eligible to vote making election 2019 the largest-ever election in the world. Out of this, 15 million voters in the age group of 18-19 years are eligible to vote for the first time. The fever is at all time high due to the nature of India’s position in the world today, which makes this election a truly global affair. On one hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident of retaining his position due to massive popularity and impressive track record, on the other hand the opposition parties have clubbed together with a single motive to dethrone Modi at any cost.

News and advertising channels are loaded with all kinds of stuff for or against the ruling party and thousands of reporters, bloggers, political analysts, image and video editors, cartoon makers, public speakers, social and religious leaders and even goons are engaged by political parties to achieve their goal. Hundreds of new political parties are created in order to divide votes and billions of rupees are being spent to educate or dupe the voters. Those like us, having no affiliation with any political party but concerned with the future of India and mankind at large, are also seen concerned with the final outcome.

While many have made up their mind, there are millions others who are still confused as to who to vote and why. Confused voters are the hope for the opposition parties this election and they are trying hard to create more confusion by spreading lies about the ruling party, which, for them is one person, Narendra Modi.

election 2019

For example, the Rafale controversy steered by the Congress party is specifically targeted at destroying voters’ faith in Narendra Modi. Clearly, it was created keeping in mind election 2019. It is an utter nuisance but it’s going on with media support for months and even the Supreme Court is under pressure to listen to it and reviewing its earlier verdict. Considering India’s decades old military requirements, especially in the air, Rafale is the best deal and done with best intentions, but Congress is relentlessly engaged in spreading lies about it despite embarrassing rebuttals exposing them. Rahul Gandhi seems to have no remorse for being exposed. Obviously he is not alone but he is the one who ends up becoming an object for entertainment. One wonders if his own party members are against him and want him to be ridiculed by encouraging him to say what he does.

Whatever the case, they have succeeded to some extent in confusing gullible voters, even the educated ones. This is done by diverting their attention from the real issue, which is national interest. For argument sake, even if HAL was pulled out of the deal by Narendra Modi, and even if the Reliance group was benefited at his behest, people with common sense would acknowledge that the decision taken was timely and in the best interest of the nation. Why cannot a Prime Minister suggest in national interest a company which may have a better track record compared to another company? HAL’s ability to fulfill the requirements was already in question. Besides, cost of the deal and relevant details are there on public domains for any smart businessman to come to a sound conclusion. It’s a clear win-win. After all, it is the result that counts.

So the controversy should have been over by now when the math is clear, but the Congress wouldn’t give the voters time to think in the right direction by fabricating one after another controversy. Their tactic is simple; lie and continue lying until it is exposed. Once a lie is exposed, create another lie and engage the voters in debates leaving no space for sober thinking. As they say, confuse them if you cannot convince them, or, fake it if you can’t make it.

The other nuisance is muscle power. People don’t generally want to risk their life for a vote. Political parties know this well so they hire anti socials and murderers to force the voters either to vote for a particular party or not go out to vote. Giving money and gifts is yet another nuisance but at least the voters get something out of it and don’t get tortured or killed. Then there is community and religious pressure where people are obliged to support a particular party. False promises by political parties in their election manifesto is yet another powerful tactic to dupe voters. The so-called minimum income scheme or NYAY advertised by the Congress is one such example. There are many more ways a voter is misled or refused his right to vote for a party of his or her choice.

Out of all, the biggest challenge faced by the voters is dealing with lies. It is not only the Congress that has indulged in spreading falsehood. BJP supporters, in a tit for tat approach, also post fake photos and videos to make fun of opposition leaders. Other parties are no exception either. However, the danger of Congress’ lies is, they risk national security and reputation.

Opposing a rival leader for political gain is one thing but stooping low to the extent of joining hands with enemy countries in bringing down the reputation of one’s own country’s Prime Minister is too lowly, outright anti-national and criminal. What it is if not anti national when national parties join hands with enemy nations for their own advantage? It is not about calling opposition parties anti-national; it is about calling a spade a spade regardless of who they are.

Considering the present scenario, the voters must remain vigilant against liars, fakers, rumor-mongers, and on top of all, biased media houses and journalists trained in selective reporting. These people also fall under criminals’ category when they spread falsehood created by a handful of evil-minded individuals who take advantage of voters’ vulnerabilities in pursuit of winning elections.

Election 2019 throws a toughest ever challenge to Indian voters as this election is more than just election. It is in a way a nationwide survey to test the level of voters’ intelligence. The challenge is to make the right choice. The world will have reasons to laugh at India and Indian voters if the results are different from their obvious expectations.

India is at the threshold of creating a new world order. Election 2019 has the potential to decide India’s future for the coming decades. Irresponsible voting can cause immense damage and the country may lose the opportunities created in last five years by the hard work of the ruling party. Let us, as  citizens of India, acknowledge this reality and not lose the momentum.

Wise people do not wait for the floodwaters to reach their home nor do they shy away when opportunities knock on their door. Election 2019 is an opportunity to take one step forward and cement a better future for India and the world. You may or may not suffer for a wrong choice today but it will surely affect the future generations just as the present generation is paying for the mistakes made in the past. So inspire, vote, and do it for the right cause.


Note: We do not identify with any political party. Opinion presented here is based on spiritual values, not political interest.


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