Ganga cleaning project – Supreme Court raises eyebrows again


These are the types of headlines that show India’s actual growth. Industrialism is one thing but development is another. Industrialism has never been a synonym to development. It is only the ongoing propaganda that makes people think like that. The leaders of India need to understand that only Industries will never bring real development.In fact, it is the industries that has spoiled the glorious, holy waters of not only mother Ganga but all the rivers of the world.

ganga water spoiled by factoriesSupreme Court of India has rightly pointed out that Ganga cleansing programmes have been going on for over three decades but nothing substantial has been achieved. The court wondered if the present government would be able to, or was willing to, complete the multi-billion rupees project within its tenure. It has asked the government to submit a fresh response on the progress, in six weeks.

“Now the point is, it is going on for last 30 years. You (Centre) tell us as to what is the verifiable progress in this regard,” a bench headed by Justice TS Thakur said when the counsel for the Centre submitted that “things are happening”.

“118 more towns have been identified by this government. Things have started moving. They (municipalities and other concerned authorities) have been told to wake up,” Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar submitted before the bench that also comprised justices R K Agrawal and Adarsh Kumar Goel.

“If you have financial problem, we cannot solve. All that is required is that you go ahead with the projects and if there is any bottleneck, you can come before us. “Don’t take it (PIL) as an adversarial litigation. Do you want to say that this has to be done during this government or in the next term of the government,” it asked.

Soon after, the court’s remark, the Solicitor told the bench that “This government will complete the cleaning by 2018.”

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