HAARP, possible cause for India’s dwindling agriculture resources

If US can damage India's natural resources by weapons like HAARP, and on the other hand push its GMF products, it would become easier for them to control India's agriculture sector. And if that is achieved, they can also gradually control India's economy considering it's an agriculture based economy.


A shocking report by Indian Council of Agriculture Research has strengthened an already existing theory that blames the US developed High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme, called HAARP, for causing global warming and damaging India’s agriculture resources and production of crops such as wheat, maize, mustard, potato and sorghum. This was reported by the Environment minister to Rajya Sabha on Monday, the opening day of the monsoon session.

When asked if the government was aware of the effects caused by the weapon, Environment minister Anil Madhav Dave told “The US has developed the type of weapon called High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. HAARP strikes the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam” in a written reply. He made it clear that the government knew about it and added “HAARP is an advanced model of a super powerful Ionospheric heater which may cause the earth to warm and have a global warming effect.”

Impact of Environmental imbalance on agriculture is enormous
Impact of Environmental imbalance on agriculture is enormous

“National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) which comprises of eight missions in areas of solar energy, enhanced energy efficient, habitat, water, sustaining Himalayan ecosystems, forestry, agriculture and strategic knowledge of climate, was launched in summer of 2008 to find out the cause of climate change at such a rate. The issues to be observed from this mission include mitigation of greenhouse gases and adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change on forest, environment, water resources, agriculture and habitat.”

This is not the first time HAARP is held responsible for playing a role in increasing global warming and creating environmental imbalance on the planet. What is more worrisome is its direct effect on India’s agriculture. The question asked is, what interest US can have in Indian crops? Is US trying to compel India to buy its much-advertised Genetically Modified Food (GMF) by gradually destroying India’s natural monsoon?

“There is a devastating impact not only on Indian crops but also on the climate of the Earth. HAARP is a regular target of conspiracy- theorists, who claim that it was capable of modifying weather, disable satellites and control people’s brains. Conspiracy theorists have HAARP to be blamed for earthquakes, droughts, floods, the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 the 2003 destruction of the space shuttle Columbia and Hurricane Sandy.” (Source http://tecake.in/news/science/global-warming-might-caused-us-weapon-haarp-20657.html)

Why has it to be called conspiracy? Why can’t it be a fact? Historically, US is capable of going to any extent in order to control other territories. After all, there are many so-called conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true. It is no more a news that India’s booming economy and its potential growth has compelled all developed countries to turn their eye towards the East for enriching themselves.

Under the circumstance, the possibility is, if US can control or ruin India’s natural crops by weapons like HAARP, and on the other hand push its GMF products, it would become easier for them to control India’s agriculture sector. And if that is achieved, they can also gradually control India’s economy considering it’s an agriculture based economy. This is one more area where India has to remain cautious of its growing friendship with United States.

Materialistic scientists, puffed-up by the magical changes their so-called inventions have brought about, cannot see the real potency of Godhead behind matter. Therefore the jugglery of science is gradually leading people to a godless civilization at the cost of the goal of human life. Having missed the goal of life, materialists run after self-sufficiency, not knowing that material nature is already self-sufficient by the grace of God. Thus creating a colossal hoax in the name of civilization, they create an imbalance in the natural self-sufficiency of material nature. (Srila Prabhupada – CC Adi 5.51 purport)

India does not need to depend on other countries. The present crisis of oil and technology is artificial. If India is to regain its position as the superpower, it needs to religiously stick to its timeless wisdom of cow protection and agriculture based economy, without getting deviated by false propaganda by so-called developed countries. The modern trend of industrialization at the cost of jungles and river waters has caused incalculable damage to environment. While industrialization may be a necessary step to keep the country in pace with the world, it is, nevertheless, only a tool; not the goal for India.



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