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One step closer to Vedic version of extraterrestrial life

Before we read what the modern scientists have recently said, let us see what Srila Prabhupada said quoting Bhagavad Gita, spoken by Lord Krishna...
Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva – Going beyond myths

In India there is a considerable misunderstanding about Lord Shiva. So much so that people with poor fund of knowledge, claiming themselves to be...

How long will the irresponsible conducts of opposition parties be tolerated in the Indian...

As soon as the winter session of parliament began, especially Congress has again taken to the same cheap tactic of doing hulla-gulla in the...

Previously thought age of Earth turns out to be wrong – It had to

Congratulations! At least they admitted it, once again, in the same pattern, that what they thought to be right, and what they taught most...

Moon bewilders scientists as they admit another BIG mistake

While it is good to admit past mistakes, such admittance is meaningful only when we learn from them without being proud of embarking on...