Great Tools To Deal With Criticism


If you’re not very good at taking criticism, you might want to work on this skill. There are a few simple yet very powerful tools. The reason we don’t like our criticism is, it directly hurts one’s false ego. This false ego makes one think that he or she cannot be wrong, cannot be less than others, and even if he or she is at fault, it cannot be pointed out by others, especially in public. How to deal with it?

Here is a great article, with pictures, that analyses different scenarios, and guides one how to tackle criticism.  Read the bullet points in the main article for a better understanding.

One interesting thing about criticism is, although it stings in most cases, in most cases it helps too if you want to get truly good at something. Not only will this tips help you improve your interactions with other people, but it will also help you improve yourself and feel better when you have problems.


  • Stay calm
  • Give yourself time to cool off
  • Separate the criticism
  • Think about the skills you have that will help
  • Be proud of yourself
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Respond when you’re ready
  • Apologize for your mistakes, if needed
  • Acknowledge where they’re right
  • Talk about how you plan to change
  • Ask for their advice
  • Communicate the need for patience
  • See this as an opportunity
  • Distinguish useful from useless advice
  • Think about and write down some takeaways
  • Make a plan
  • Never give up on trying to be better

Read full article How to Accept Criticism (with Pictures) – wikiHow

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