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Benefits of vegetarian food. Articles on karma and karma-free food, prasadam, and its extraordinary benefits.

ISKCON Hungary helps Middle Eastern refugees

If you dig deep, you will find that ISKCON, seen by many as a mere religious movement spreading Hinduism, has got a much broader...

Why vegetarian food improves mental health

A recent study says by 2020, depression will rank as the second leading cause of disability, after heart disease. It is found that half...

Counter obesity the Ayurveda way

Looking for a best surgery option to look slim, or, at least in shape?  Tired of trying gyms, pills and starvation? The following articles...


Knowing Sri Mayapur As It Is -3

If the state government were to announce today that anyone who has lived in India for six months will get one million gold coins...

Previously thought age of Earth turns out to be wrong – It had to

Congratulations! At least they admitted it, once again, in the same pattern, that what they thought to be right, and what they taught most...

Swine Flu – Ayurvedic viewpoint and cure

As the news updates on swine flu continue to make headlines in India, it is important that people also know how swine flu is...

Managing Anger is an Essential Art

Do you ever get angry? :-) To some people anger is a daily experience and to some it's an occasional one. Nonetheless, in both...

Stress – Its effect on health and how to beat it

They say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they can make things happen and those who believe things happen...