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Benefits of vegetarian food. Articles on karma and karma-free food, prasadam, and its extraordinary benefits.

ISKCON Hungary helps Middle Eastern refugees

If you dig deep, you will find that ISKCON, seen by many as a mere religious movement spreading Hinduism, has got a much broader...

Why vegetarian food improves mental health

A recent study says by 2020, depression will rank as the second leading cause of disability, after heart disease. It is found that half...

Counter obesity the Ayurveda way

Looking for a best surgery option to look slim, or, at least in shape?  Tired of trying gyms, pills and starvation? The following articles...


Saying No to Alcohol goes beyond personal benefits

In addition to what I just posted on women destroying liquor factories, here are some compelling reasons why one should keep away from drinking...

Here they go again- Ghost of Big Bang haunts scientists

Last time they tried it and thought they made it. Then came controversies and debates. Some scientists said they got what they were looking...

Knowing more about Sri Navadvipa Mandal Parikrama

It started with Lord Nityananda Himself taking His dear devotee, Jiva Gosvami, on a tour to this mystical and most merciful land of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu....

Stop that arrogance by all means! Let India progress

There are reasons I am making an exception today to my preferred policy of not giving opinions on political parties. What we saw during...

Amazing health benefits of Amalaki fruit

Ayurveda classifies seasons as having an affinity to certain doshas.  As summer approaches, it is common for Pitta dosha to become imbalanced and cause overheating...