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Benefits of vegetarian food. Articles on karma and karma-free food, prasadam, and its extraordinary benefits.

ISKCON Hungary helps Middle Eastern refugees

If you dig deep, you will find that ISKCON, seen by many as a mere religious movement spreading Hinduism, has got a much broader...

Why vegetarian food improves mental health

A recent study says by 2020, depression will rank as the second leading cause of disability, after heart disease. It is found that half...

Counter obesity the Ayurveda way

Looking for a best surgery option to look slim, or, at least in shape?  Tired of trying gyms, pills and starvation? The following articles...


History, Geography among favorite subjects for college students

College students in India are showing increasing interest in subjects like history and geography.  This is a positive indication as while learning about history,...

Nectar drops from Sri Tattva-sutra by Bhaktivinod Thakur

All glories to Madana-mohana, who is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss.  He is dear to the saintly devotees, and He is an...

Science confirms Life on the Sun

Who on the Earth ever thought that life can exist on the Sun? As soon as the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) received...

Knowing more about Lord Sri Balarama on His Appearance day

We know Lord Krishna and Krishna Janmastami but not all of us know much about Lord Balarama, or Balaram, the transcendental elder brother of...

Why you should not have any doubt in Vedic science

The difference between belief and knowledge is, a belief is based on assumptions and experiments but the knowledge is based on experience and hearing...