Use Natural Remedies to beat Insomnia

You lie in bed staring at the ceiling, or worse, staring

at the clock. Minutes pass. Hours pass. You count the hours
until you have to get up. Six hours. Five hours. Four. Once
again, regardless of how tired–how utterly exhausted your body
and mind feel, you cannot sleep.

Insomnia can be both debilitating and dangerous.
According to The National Highway Safety Administration,
100,000 or more auto crashes each year are due to fatigue, with
a resultant 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries.

A chronic lack of sleep not only affects your work, your
relationships, and your enjoyment of life, it also wreaks havoc
with your immune system.

You don’t need to resort to pharmaceuticals with
dangerous side effects like sleepwalking, eating or driving in
your sleep or fatigue upon waking. Instead, use these natural

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