With CJI Dipak Mishra Impeachment row Indian politics hits a new low

It would be wise of them not to expect intelligent people to get impressed by such political gimmick. Their hope that voters will buy such dramas itself is an insult to India's intelligent citizens. These politicians are wasting country's valuable time. Their selfish attempts to mislead the country must be diligently thwarted. 


To be blunt, the attempt to impeach the Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra was a mess, a shameful blunder made by a bunch of immature, over-ambitious and irresponsible politicians. Now when the Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu has rightly rejected it, the losers are fuming. It’s a shameless display of arrogance and over-confidence of the concerned politicians in their ability to do anything and everything they want, at any cost. This particular case exposes how Indian politics has hit a new low.

It was obvious among rational politicians and lawmakers that the impeachment motion would be rejected. The only thing not known was how quick. It seems the Rajya Sabha chairman acted swiftly as he did not want to waste time on this. Also, by rejecting it he has shut the doors to various speculations and media whims.

Ironically, the only “fault” of CJI Dipka Mishra seems to be that he is seen by some to be supported by the ruling party. Unfortunately this is enough reason for the opposition parties to rant and rave over anything that he or the Supreme Court of India does which goes against their interest. The same politicians hail the judiciary when it delivers justice that comfort them. They show no hesitation in calling the judiciary any name when things go against them. It shows their arrogant culture and selfish mindset, and goes on to prove that their ongoing campaign against the rejection is a farce.

It would be wise of them not to expect intelligent people to get impressed by such political gimmick. Their hope that voters will buy such dramas itself is an insult to India’s intelligent citizens. These politicians are wasting country’s valuable time and their selfish attempts to mislead the country must be diligently thwarted.

Earlier, the motion against CJI Dipak Mishra was described as unfortunate, suicidal, and dangerous by several legal luminaries, including former CJI T S Thakur and former Delhi High Court Judge R S Sodhi. Some constitutional experts opined the move to impeach CJI Dipak Mishra was a political vendetta and not any “misbehaviour” and “misuse” of authority on part of the CJI as alleged by the opposition parties led by the Congress.

cji dipak mishra

It was also understood that even if Mr M Venkaiah Naidu allowed such a whimsical motion, it wouldn’t pass in the parliament. Wise of some opposition parties when they refused to join the motion. In fact Congress itself must also be knowing the motion would not pass. So the whole exercise seemed to have more to do with doing something drastic and that way earn more importance for its new president.

There is no issue with the fact that every political party makes a strategy to promote its president or electoral candidate. But why demean others instead of highlighting your own men’s achievements? The case with the new Congress president is a little difficult though as he has no known achievement, but trying to promote him with false propaganda against a most popular and efficient Prime Minister will yield no good result. Perhaps one can win a battle by spreading falsehood and hatred but one will never win a full war by taking shelter of such irreligious practices.

Sanjay, the seer narrating the happenings on the battlefield of Kuruksetra to King Dhritrastra, ended his commentary with a statement, which should be a lesson for the politicians of all times. He said:

yatra yogeshvaraḥ krishno yatra partho dhanur-dharaḥ
tatra shrir vijayo bhutir dhruva nitir matir mama

Translation: Wherever there is Kṛishna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion. (B.G. 18.78)

People ask me why I give opinions on political matters. Yes, being apolitical I have no interest in party politics and have hardly said anything in last almost 30 years, but the present situation of world politics is alarmingly on the wrong side and filled with blatant lies. The consequence of this is dangerous not only for humanity but for all living entities on the planet as humans are the ones having greater control over it. This sort of compels me to shed light on what I see as truth and beneficial to people in long term. Human life has a much higher purpose  than most people think today. They need spiritual strength to achieve that purpose and no one is going to achieve it unless he or she first embraces truthfulness.

Politicians influence countries’ functioning, and unless a country and its government follow moral code of conduct and provide education for the same, it is extremely difficult for the citizens to discriminate between the right and wrong. The biggest problem today is, the opposition parties are not allowing the government to do even the obvious good. In order to blame the government, such irresponsible politicians also disrupt normal functioning of day-to-day life by inciting workers union strikes, bandh, etc.  On top of that when politicians hire media professionals for writing in their support even when they are wrong, and for spreading negative sentiments towards ruling parties even when they are right and have done good for the country, there is literally an outbreak of misleading information victimizing innocent citizens. This leads to the citizens losing faith in the government, country’s judiciary, its ancient values, culture and all essential elements, including allegiance to religious codes, that make a good society. This in turn ruins their human life as they embrace sub-human culture. By sharing my thoughts I attempt to assist them understand this danger and take to the right path. Hare Krishna.


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