Conspiracy theories that turn out to be true


Be it Stonehenge in England or Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, such prehistoric monuments do create not only curiosity but also fear in the minds of some people.

Curiosity is understandable, but fear? The fear I am talking about is of losing credibility.  There are historians and archaeologists who have difficulties accepting facts that they have denied existence of in the past. Such individuals try hard to prove others wrong and in doing so they close doors to their own ability to think and learn.

Then there are people who work for a mission. They are hired scientists, researchers and archaeologists.  For example, many Western scholars don’t want to  accept apparently supernatural events from Vedic era as historical. They call it mythology. The reason behind them doing so is not limited to their beliefs. Their fear is, as soon as Vedic history is accepted as factual events, all their claims to know the world will collapse and along with it will collapse their monstrous industrial structure.

Their biggest fear is, if they accept Vedic history they will have no way to discredit God’s hand in the creation, maintenance and destruction of the cosmic creation considering all Vedic events are connected with the will and work of God. And they know well that if they accept God’s existence they will lose whatever little control they claim to have over nature.

It is not that there are no bogus theories around. They are in plenty. We are concerned only with those so-call “conspiracies” which are in reality facts. At the same time, not all such made up conspiracies are intentional. Ironically, some of the most outlandish conspiracies about historical monuments are created by attempts to preserve them.

With the news published in the first half of September about the discovery of a super-Stonehenge circling one of the worlds most famous monuments, attention has once again shifted to the Wiltshire marvel. Some even say they could be a portal to another dimension or a (alien) base.

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“Mick West, a British researcher who writes for the Metabunk web site, has visited the site several times and investigated such conspiracy claims. “The idea that Stonehenge is a relatively modern construction is appealing to a certain type of conspiracy theorist who has fallen far down the rabbit hole,” West told Discovery News.”

“Images appearing to show the construction of Stonehenge with cranes and concrete are an intellectual delight to them. No particular reason is needed for Stonehenge to be faked, because in their mind everything is faked, and this is simply pleasant circular confirmation that they were right all along.”  Stonehenge: Myths and Conspiracies : Discovery News

It seems that while the mechanics of Stonehenge and other such wonders may be eventually determined through further research and discoveries, the purpose behind them will most likely remain a mystery until the researchers look into Vedic scriptures like Mahabharat and other puranas, and redo their work after considering what is mentioned in there.

But then they will have to be prepared to also talk about the super natural phenomenons attached to sacred hills like Govardhan and Himalayas, and rivers like Ganga and Yamuna in India. While they may take their own time to come to a higher understanding, a more relevant question is, are we prepared?



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