History, Geography among favorite subjects for college students


College students in India are showing increasing interest in subjects like history and geography.  This is a positive indication as while learning about history, aided with modern technology that makes research work easier, they are likely to identify the many chapters of so-called, fabricated “history” which in fact never took place.

The other hope is, while digging through historical evidences,  they will be inspired to look deeper into ancient history instead of sticking to what is considered history these days. Ancient books in India, or Bharat, talks about mind-boggling science of subtle energy which is not known to modern science.

study1Mahabharat purana, which literally means the history of greater India, has evidences that exist even today but the modern historians are not able to understand certain events mentioned in there for want of  sufficient scientific knowledge available today. This makes them call it mythology. Let us hope that this western influence on Indian students will be gradually wiped clean as the students take a deeper look into the history of the world.

Geography is another subject that needs to be explored beyond modern understanding of geography. If we look at the Vedic scriptures, we can find many eye-opening information not only about the earth but also about other planets.

History, geography, economics most popular among admission seekers – The Times of India

PATNA: Even as subjects like history, geography, economics and political science generally fail to attract students at the school level, they happen to be favourites at the college level. These subjects are drawing huge rush of students for admission to three-year degree honours courses in different colleges of Patna University (PU).

History continues to be the most popular among admission seekers, with most seats getting filled up immediately after the process of admission starts. “History department in our college has the maximum rush of students seeking admission as they find it easier to study and pass the examination with good marks. Moreover, it is a competition oriented subject and, as such, its study helps them prepare for various competitive examinations,” said B N College history department head, Pramod Kumar Poddar.

Other popular subjects at the graduation level are political science, economics and geography. In Patna College, all the seats in geography honours course for general category students were filled up on the first day of admission itself, said college admission in charge Randhir Kumar Singh. Economics, political science and English are the other much sought-after subjects, he added.

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