Cure Fatty Liver Disease the Ayurveda way


The ability of Ayurveda to cure so-called incurable and terminal diseases has always amazed the modern medical science. Lately the Western world has taken keen interest in this ancient medical science and stepped up their research work in understanding and ushering the power of Ayurveda.

Out of many diseases that baffle today’s medical science, one is the Fatty Liver Disease, also known as FLD. While modern science is, to some extent, able to treat and manage the disease for a limited period of time, it is impossible for it to cure it fully. This is where Ayurveda emerges as the only viable option.

The following lengthy article by Dr JV Hebbar has a thorough explanation of the Fatty Liver Disease including its symptoms, treatment and remedies.

Fatty Liver: Symptoms, Ayurvedic Treatment, Remedies, Tips


We are all afraid of one element in our body, the FAT. None of us like to look fat and obese!! Fat is present all over the body and most of it accumulates around our belly making us look stout and awkward. Excess fat in our body and blood vessels is the greatest threat for our life. They are risk factors and predisposing factors for many life threatening disorders.

Nobody needs to tell you that you are obese.  You get conscious once you look at yourself and will definitely try to slim yourself down and get to normal body mathematics by all means possible. Obesity is a burning issue and a rich industry in medical science But do you know that some fat, a bit more excess than needed accumulates in places where it should not?

The tricky thing is that you will never know that the fat is accumulating in those organs until it triggers a disease process and disturbs your health!!

Liver is one such organ wherein excessive fat accumulation can lead to a condition called Fatty liver disease or Steatosis.

Liver is located in the right upper part of abdomen, its upper surface being just below your right lung (right chest cage) separated by a muscular layer called diaphragm. A part of right rib cage protects your upper part of liver.

Some normal fat is normally present in the liver. But when the fat quantity fat increases so as to contribute to more than 5-10% of its weight, the condition is known as Fatty Liver Disease.

Here is a list of some of the topics covered in the article:

Fatty Liver Disease (FLD)
Diet for fatty liver:
Tips for fatty liver disease:
Home remedies for fatty liver:
Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease:
Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD)
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: NAFLD
How Obesity and Diabetes predispose for FLD?
Pathology of fatty liver
Diagnosis of FLD:
Ayurvedic aspect of FLD and treatment
Allopatihc treatment of FLD:
Differential Diagnosis of NAFLD:

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