Managing Anger is an Essential Art


Do you ever get angry? 🙂 To some people anger is a daily experience and to some it’s an occasional one. Nonetheless, in both the cases, anger remains a display of too intense emotion. While emotion in itself is not known to be necessarily harmful, anger, on the other hand, can be irreversibly destructive if it isn’t controlled. It is necessary to manage your anger so it does not become harmful either to yourself or to others.

The first step to controlling anger causing issues is to acknowledge there exists a problem. Watering down the causes of anger is not a wise idea. Lacking the art of anger management, such a person almost certainly experiences loss of good relation, reputation, and ultimately forgets his own identity.

Anger management is not intended to be a chastisement but rather to assist any individual to have a better quality of life. By better quality, we mean essential sanity in life. Anger management is intended to assist the individual work out his own problems, help him figure out why he frequently becomes heated. It also teaches the person not to be imprisoned by his unchecked negative emotions, which is directly related anger. Anger management is meant to educate the person in that prevent him from getting angry as often or for very long.

Bhagavad Gita teaches us that the root cause of anger is unfulfilled material desires. When a person is not able to discriminate between good and bad desires, and runs after fulfilling all his desires, he inevitably lands in situations leading to anger. This is because none can achieve his desired goal unless he or she deserves it. This deservedness is not necessarily his hard work and sincerity in this life. It is undoubtedly connected to his previous lives too. One should not reject the idea of reincarnation just because it doesn’t suit his level of intelligence.By sincerely studying an apparently difficult subject matter one can understand it in due course of time.

Anger is not necessarily an unwanted phenomena. When used for a right purpose it can help the situation. However, one should not try to justify his anger every time. In fact it us only once in a while that anger can be justified. When the anger takes over an individual’s life thereby being destructive and aggressive, it takes the form of an invincible enemy. Not only does the anger destroy the person but it also impacts everybody and everything around him or her. Educating people on strategies for working out their anger related issues are important in anger management. We welcome your questions and suggestions.



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