List of must carry Ayurvedic medicines for a smart traveller


People do travel, and when they do so, there is every possibility that they fall sick, get injured, catch cold, get headache and so on.  Quite often, if not most of the times, such health disorders are dealt with by using pain killers or quick fix allopathic pills.  While it may help when nothing else is available, do you know that regular usage of such pills can lead to more serious health issues in the future?

Please take a look at the article below and know what to carry when you travel. In fact, not only when you travel, the list mentioned below is great even for routine life. Read through each item in the list to know more.

The 10 Ayurvedic Medicines That Every Traveler Should Carry. | Mahi Mata

Having literally spent years of my life on the road, I’ve faced my fair share of travel-induced ailments– grisly tummy troubles, bizarre skin funguses and boils, all kinds of bug bites, bus and boat sickness, and cuts, scrapes and bruises owing to jungle treks and motorbike spills.

Stubbornly against chemical-laden allopathic medicines, I used to let the sickness or pain run its course for lack of natural-cure knowledge. This usually took ages, and was surely not the smartest thing to do.

Now that I have the wisdom of Ayurveda to guide me to self-healing, travel has become much less painful and healing time is swift. On my last few trips abroad I’ve curbed sickness at its onset with all-natural Ayurveda. Nature offers everything we need for general first aid. These are the ten herbs, oils, and supplements I always keep in my bag when journeying afar.

1. Tumeric powder
2. Kutaja bark powder
3. Aloe vera gel
4. Triphala powder
5. Ginger capsules
6. Fennel seeds
7. Tulsi tea bags
8. Tea tree oil
9. Sesame oil
10. Probiotics

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