Why obesity in US keeps rising despite so-called healthy diets


A latest report says Americans are eating healthier, but the changes in nutrition have not offered them any relief from higher levels of obesity.

Funny that they want to eat meat, something that is not meant for human beings, call it a healthy diet just because it contains some nutrients, and then complain that they are getting fat! This may sound sarcastic but there isn’t much that can help under the circumstance.

Meat eating, and the worst of all, beef eating, is terrible for human health. Ordinary people may ask why beef is different from, say buffalo meat. Well, it is as simple as why cow milk is different from buffalo milk, or why coconut oil is different from crude oil. It’s a no brainer to understand that they are different because they have different sources.

Our body doesn’t get fat just by eating. Mental distress is one of the most important factors that affect obesity level, and, as explained in this article, eating habits directly affect one’s mental health.

Here is a challenge: No matter what they say and do, no matter how many research papers they publish and no matter how much they brainwash the masses, they will always fall short of finding out what causes them obesity and other so-called incurable diseases until and unless they turn to the medical science explained in the Ayurveda and lifestyle recommended in the Vedas.

Due to the influence of Kaliyuga, people have become so dull-headed that they are unable to get the most fundamental principles of nature. They want to politicize every issues, especially those related to religions, but why cannot they see the science behind it? The difficulty is, they will know it only if they read or hear it from bona fide sources but, thanks to the ongoing propaganda coming from those health and medical industrialists who want to make money by all possible means, including from killing innocent animals, their ill fate and polluted intelligence do not allow them to accept good advice.

Some may ask, why then those who are vegetarians and follow Vedic lifestyle also fall prey to various diseases including obesity. The answer is given in the same Vedic scriptures and needs a much longer article to explain it here. If you are interested to know please contact us or leave a comment below. As always, we are glad to discuss useful matters.obesity1


Controversies – Obesity in U.S. Rises in Spite of Evidence of Healthier Diets – AllGov – News

Americans are reportedly eating healthier, but the changes in nutrition have not resulted in lower levels of obesity.

On the one hand, people are not drinking as many non-diet sodas, the consumption of which has declined about 25% since the late 1990s, according to The New York Times. Also, Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health, says Americans’ diets improved in quality from 1999 to 2012 by cutting down on trans fats and increasing their fiber a little more. Controversies – Obesity in U.S. Rises in Spite of Evidence of Healthier Diets – AllGov – News


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