Scientists find a Blueprint of body’s heat sensor


The reason this news sounds interesting is, they have used the term “blueprint”. We know what a blueprint means. According to Wiki, a blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, documenting an architecture or an engineering design, using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. Oxford dictionary meaning of a blueprint is, a design plan or other technical drawing or something which acts as a plan, model, or template for others.

You may wonder what this has to do with the news. The reason this is relevant is, if there is a blueprint of human body’s heat sensor, isn’t it common sense to understand that there is a brain working behind the mechanism of the body?

Think about it if you never did. And yes, do share your thoughts if you feel like.  Thank you.

Blueprint of body’s heat sensor discovered

Scientists have discovered the structure of a protein linked to pain and heat perception, which plays a role in maintaining a healthy heart, helping dispose of pathogens and inducing cell death in some cancers.

The port-like structure is an ion channel in the cell surface membrane called TRPV2. “These receptors are gaining particular attention because they are so critical to how we sense and respond to our environment,” said Seok-Yong Lee from Duke University in US.

“Our results give a hint as to how one receptor works, a necessary component for developing new treatments for a variety of conditions involving sensation,” Lee added. Ion channels are scattered across all cell membranes and act as gatekeepers of information flowing in and out of cells. In the case of TRPV (Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid), this information takes the form of calcium ions. Like the turning of a valve, TRPV receptors open in response to noxious heat or other stimuli, allowing an influx of calcium ions that convey a signal through the nervous system to the brain. (Source: Blueprint of body’s heat sensor discovered | Business Standard News)


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