Things are getting worse? This might help


Have you ever found yourself listening to the evening news, thinking that the godly are disappearing and the faithful have vanished from the earth? I know I have. For me, the worst of all is when people I trust go bad. I don’t expect much from those who traffic in violence and crime. I don’t even look to celebrities and athletes to be exemplars of morality. But when trusted leaders are found to have done terrible things, especially when those leaders are pastors or priests, I sometimes feel despair saturating my soul.

64510When things seem to keep on getting worse, many people throw up their hands in defeat. They figure they cannot make a difference in the world, so they choose to live for themselves and their momentary pleasures. Others sink into a pit of cynicism and negativity. Still others find the moral resolve to try and fight back, to stand for goodness in the face of mounting evil.  Where to Turn When Things Get Worse | Men of Integrity


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