Anonymous Donor Pledges $1,000,000 for the TOVP Project


Devamrita Swami visiting the ToVP construction site

An initiated devotee of ISKCON, who wishes to remain anonymous, approached his spiritual master Devamrita Swami, that he wished to donate 1 million dollars to some project in ISKCON. Devamrita Swami immediately motivated his disciple to donate this money to the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium (TOVP) project in Mayapur, India, which is at the present the most important project of ISKCON, building the headquarters that Srila Prabhupada had been wanting for so long.When asked, Devamrita Swami explained that he has many projects where he requires money, and he could have directed his disciple to donate in those places. But he considers the Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir to be of first priority, and therefore he encouraged his disciple towards the TOVP.

ToVP managers consider Devamrita Swami’s act of allegiance to Srila Prabhupada’s Mayapur project is an inspiration to all the leaders and devotees of ISKCON, and they think if everyone gives priority to this project as he has shown, then the temple can be built without any difficulty, and offered to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


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Source: Anonymous Donor Pledges $1,000,000 for the TOVP Project


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