Clay as mineral supplement – Even Chimpanzees know it!


It is only the modern human beings who have difficulties understanding the many wonders of mother nature. If you are fortunate enough to live a year or two in a village you will find how people are easily able to use natural resources for their day-to-day life. For the same resources, modern men have built monstrous factories and created havoc on Earth.

Starting from food to fuel to healthy and happy lifestyle, ancient civilization knew it all without making much fuss about it. Modern men are proud of their advancement but if we look at the amount of difficulties they have caused for themselves and others, any honest person would admit that in the name of modernization we have ruined our peace and prosperity that our forefathers naturally enjoyed.

Take for example today’s packaged water. Do you know it has got side effects? In order to clean the water they use chemical process and kill even healthy bacteria that otherwise help boost our immune system. Added chemicals cause additional damage. Without natural mineral water people are bound to become vulnerable to various diseases as they lose their immunity against infections. Then they use antibiotics and further destroy the immune system. Nowadays, in order to compensate this loss, administering probiotics has become a common practice among doctors. The question is, why in the first place, live a lifestyle that force you to use antibiotics?

Image source: www.thebetterindia.comSimilarly, in an attempt to get better food, they use fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to human bodies. In previous ages there was no word heard about something what they call today food processing. In the name of processing, modern industries have created many diseases and a lot more side effects are yet to be known to our scientist friends. Genetically modified food is another foolish idea although it looks very profitable.

The irony is, even Chimpanzees know that natural resources are best utilized in their original form. When taken in proper quantity and from proper locations, even consuming clay or earth  can help boost immune system in human bodies! The benefits of Geophagy is no more unknown to modern science. Village people consume earth unknowingly as they don’t process their food with chemicals, and this is one reason they can digest food and water that city people can’t. On top of that villagers are generally healthier than city dwellers. Oh, let us clarify – we are not recommending you start eating earth from tomorrow! If you must do so, study its science first.

Chimpanzees eating clay ‘as mineral supplement’ – BBC News study suggests that chimpanzees in Uganda are eating clay to boost their mineral intake. Writing in the journal PLoS One, an international team of researchers described the animals eating clay and drinking clay water, often by using leaves as sponges.

This behaviour, shown in the footage above, increased after 2005, at the same time as the animals started to feed much less on raffia palms, which became scarce because they were used by local tobacco farmers.

“Raffia is a key source of sodium, but to our surprise the sodium content was very low in the clay so this does not appear to be the main reason for the new clay-bingeing,” said Vernon Reynolds, an emeritus professor at Oxford University and the study’s first author.

“Instead, we believe the low concentrations of minerals present in their normal diet of fruit and leaves suggests that the clay is eaten as a general mineral supplement.”

Eating earth, which scientists call “geophagy”, is a known habit among chimpanzees as well as other animals. Full story at Chimpanzees eating clay ‘as mineral supplement’ – BBC News


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