Is that all Yoga has to offer?


Yoga, which was part of people’s lifestyle before a few thousands or even few hundred years ago, is again becoming a buzzword in the world these days.  The difference, however, is that modern people hardly know that Yoga is not only meant for healthy gross body but also for healthy subtle body which includes mind, intelligence and ego.

Take one step further and one will know how there are different types of yoga described in ancient Indian scriptures called Vedas. Bhagavad Gita elaborately speaks about the highest goal a human being can achieve by practicing yoga.

Originated in ancient India, yoga makes use of different movements, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that help in leading a healthy life, while keeping stress at bay. Although yoga is a powerful technique that is absolutely relevant to the modern world, and bearing in mind that yoga is one of the best remedies ever known to humankind, it cannot be however be denied that the pure concept of yoga is often misrepresented and packaged in present day world.

Yoga has been watered down, where people now confuse it with other exercise programs, build profit making ventures in the name of yoga, and sometimes those who are unaware of its value, even regard it as a religion.

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