Don’t worry Chief Minister if you said ‘Cow Killers Have No Right to Live in India’


Indian politicians and media persons are going crazy after the so-called “intolerance” issue, which is in fact a non-issue. Only once in a while we find political leaders speak out their minds when it comes to cow killing. I believe there are more chief ministers and party leaders who understand that cow slaughter is slaughtering India’s civilization, but they are unable to open their mouths for multiple reasons including want of personal integrity or conviction for the cause and fear of losing their political career. This in itself is a mater of concern for Indians that politicians are afraid of speaking in favor of cow protection.

It is outright ridiculous to say that not allowing cow killing, or any animal killing for that matter, is intolerance. Those who say it have become blind to the fact that human beings are not the only living creatures on the planet. Even if bans on cow killing is a sign of intolerance, it makes absolutely no sense to say that killing cows shows tolerance. Tolerance should be shown by personal sacrifice, not at the cost of killing others.

And what intolerance are they talking about? They want to kill cows, throw away tons of vegetables and fruits, and then argue that not allowing cow killing is intolerance towards freedom, indifference towards economy, or restricting one’s earning. Only paid people and fools will accept such arguments and support the ongoing propaganda that killing cows to make money is a good policy and not allowing it is intolerance.

Talking about intolerance, why not think of the pain imposed upon the animals being killed?Have our political leaders and media persons forgotten that they are living in a civilized society, not in a barbarians’ one? The following statement, reportedly from Uttarkhand Chief Minister goes perfectly in line with this understanding.

The Chief Minister, a veteran Congress leader, had been quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying at a function in Haridwar on Tuesday: "Anyone who kills cows, no matter which community he belongs to, is India's biggest enemy and has no right to live in the country."

Although the minister has said he didn’t mean to say what he was quoted as saying, there is nothing personal about any community here. After all, cow protection is not all about religious sentiments; it’s equally scientific. It is the political leaders who make it appear so in order to provoke religious sentiments for political leverage. Such leaders should be taken to task and served appropriate justice as per Indian constitution.

‘Cow Killers Have No Right to Live in India’, Says Uttarakhand Chief Minister – NDTV

harish-rawat_650x400_41439654738Last month, ML Khattar, the Chief Minister of BJP-ruled Haryana, had backtracked after appearing to suggest that Muslims in the country must give up beef. “Muslims can stay, but in this country they will have to give up eating beef. The cow is an ‘Cow Killers Have No Right to Live in India’, Says Uttarakhand Chief Minister


Haryana’s stringent cow protection law comes into force

For “protection and upkeep” of cows, Haryana Assembly had in March this year passed the Bill which clamps a complete ban on cow slaughter in the state and provides for a rigorous imprisonment ranging from three years to ten years for killing the animal. Haryana’s stringent cow protection law comes into force



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