Gold smuggling continues – Who to blame?


Based on information from Indigo security staff, Customs officials recovered two cut pieces of gold bars weighing a kilogramme worth Rs 24.68 lakh from the toilet of a Dubai-Mumbai flight. Another 1.8kgs of gold in the form of 16 gold bars were recovered from under seat no 17B of a Doha Mumbai flight on Friday morning. As both of these are unclaimed seizures, further investigation is in progress, said Customs officials.

Customs officials at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) recovered around 2.8kgs of gold worth Rs 70.58 lakh concealed inside the toilet of an Indigo aircraft and under the seat of a Jet Airways aircraft on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, on Thursday night, Customs officials recovered 10 gold bars weighing 1.16kg from passenger Kiranji Thakor, travelling on a Jet Airways flight from Dubai. Gold worth Rs 24.68 lakh was also recovered from passenger Himanshu Pals who travelled from Singapore on a Jet Airways flight. According to officials, three silver coloured chains carried by Pals, who holds a Fiji passport, turned out to be gold.

Last month, an Indigo flight departing to Muscat was detained by the Mumbai Customs after 6kg gold worth Rs 1.49 crore was found in its toilets.According to officials, that aircraft had made runs on the Dubai-Calicut-Mumbai-Delhi-Kolkata-Bombay-Muscat but culprits, possibly crew or staff, could not retrieve the gold earlier. Gold siezed | The Indian Express



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