Read this, Mothers and Sisters! Protect your privacy from hidden cameras around you


Her smartness saved her and will save many other women. She noticed a hidden camera fitted at distance in such a way that the women who try out clothes in the changeroom of a garment store could be seen above the stomach from the control room, a report said. Although the accused have tried to defend their position, their arguments are only for the fools to accept.

smriti-iraniSmriti Irani, the Union Minister for HRD was quick in noticing the camera that was watching her. The Minister along with her businessman husband Zubin Irani are on a private visit to Goa. Irani came across the camera when she was in the showroom to buy clothes and immediately protested, alerting her husband, said Superintendent of Police (North) Umesh Gaonkar. Gaonkar said four staff members of the showroom were detained and that objectionable images were seen from the recordings of the hidden camera that was seized by police.

An alert Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani on Friday raised an alarm after she spotted a hidden camera at an outlet of a leading garment store that was pointed towards the trial room she used while trying out some clothes after which Goa police registered a case of voyeurism.

Four staff members of the Fabindia showroom at the upmarket boutique chain at Candolim near here were detained for questioning following a complaint by BJP MLA Michael Lobo who was called by Irani after the incident.. Smriti Irani finds hidden camera in Goa FabIndia store; 4 persons detained for questioning | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

Whatever the case be, women, as a class, need to be vigilant while using change rooms, washrooms, bathrooms, and even the guest houses that they stay in. There is no dearth of unscrupulous people in this world who like to somehow or other try to watch women’s private life using all possible tricks and technologies. Not only that, they also make money by selling such videos.

hidden-camerasBe informed that hidden cameras can be fitted at any place and even at distance. They can be fitted in any corner of the room, bathroom, bedroom, on an electrical switchboard, on a mosquito repellent machine, on a cloth hanger, on a night lamp, on a clock, a wi-fi router or even on a teddy bear!

Don’t take it for granted that big and famous hotels and stores are always safe. There is no rule by which one can decide that such and such guest house, cloth store or public bathroom will not have a hidden camera. This is because even if the management policy is strict, the staff looking after daily affairs may not be trustworthy.  Governments across the world should impose strict laws to thwart such nonsense and punish those who are involved in such nefarious activities.  Take a look at the following images to know how you could be watched without your knowledge.




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