Understanding the dangers of ignoring Android App permissions


If you think that ignoring the risks involved in accepting android app permissions is similar to accepting the terms and conditions before installing a Windows software then you are likely to land in a serious difficulty.

On the other hand, assuming that allowing apps to execute certain functions means always inviting dangers is also unreasonable for if you don’t allow it the app cannot perform certain functions and so won’t get installed.

Under the circumstance, it is a good idea to take a careful look at what it involves when you allow an app the permissions it may ask for. , an author at Softonic, has this to say:

Every time you install an app, you have to accept permissions. But what are you really agreeing to? Are they dangerous for your privacy and security? The recent drama over Facebook Messenger permissions had people freaking out over how sinister some of them sound.

To use the camera, internet, and other resources on your mobile phone, Android apps ask for permission. Apps are only installed if you agree, and you can only accept or reject all of them at the same time (it’s an all-or-nothing system). The problem arises when permissions are combined: to review them all is exhausting, so you just end up accept them without looking.

To accept these permissions without thinking can have consequences, such as SMS being sent without you knowing, or the theft of personal data, as happened with the Balloon Pop 2 virus. It takes less than a minute to check the permissions, a minute that can save you from major problems in the future (like having to change all your passwords).

Below, I’ll detail the current permissions that apps request prior to installation, and I’ll explain why they can be dangerous and what you can do to avoid future problems.

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