Is Darwinian Theory obsolete?


The Darwinian theory was central in the separation of church doctrine and the State/Politics/Leadership as it offered an alternative to creation by God and negates the existence of God, thus allowing scientific study without fear of excommunication and heresy – it was the perfect theory for that purpose.

The scientific community of the day believed, and some still do believe, that this separation allows for the advancement of science. We must understand that there were cases where church and state were at loggerheads on many issues and thus it was felt that science was being hindered by the papacy going against various scientific discoveries of the day. These discoveries were diametrically opposed to the religious paradigms of the day, this is not the case today, in the modern context the Darwinian theory is unbridgeable and refuses to budge thus creating the same restrictive condition of yore.

The church at that time was very orthodox and dogmatic in relation to science. Enter the Darwinian theory,  which is universally taught in every school, even here in a small village in India, my young children are asking what this theory means, being force fed, just as the Papacy did before with religion. Much was done to achieve this especially by Thomas Huxley “Darwin’s Bulldog” who made a tremendous impact in his debate with Samuel Wilberforce in 1860, the effects still felt 155 years later in 2015.

Yes, it is obsolete. Having served its purpose at that time but now it is no longer required as the restrictions of the church are no longer an issue. The Darwinian theory is obsolete and should thus be removed so that science can advance without clinging onto a theory that is as dogmatic as the church was, indeed, now science is being held back by the stubborn popes and bishops of this theory.  Anyone who opposes is heretical, sounds stubbornly familiar?  Well history repeats itself.

I also offer the view that even though the results of scientific advances have benefits,  today after just 100 years of scientifically stimulated industrial growth the earth is facing a tremendous negative effect on biodiversity, the environment and safety of its inhabitants, even to the point of nuclear devastation, severe resource depletion and mass extinction. A balance or neutral ground is now required where science and religion can work together.


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