Too much sitting linked to heart disease


When computers were invented, they were considered a boon because they were going to reduce our physical work. When computers were made available in retail stores they became popular because they delivered what they promised– less physical work. One had to just sit on a chair and click around to get jobs done.

Now the same computers are posing multiple threats, and one of them is the one for which they became popular– just sit and work without much of physical movements. A new research has revealed that sitting for a longer period of time increases the risk of heart disease.

Bad news for the desk-bound office worker, the long-haul road warrior, and the couch surfer: Even a heart-pumping regimen at the gym, apparently, won’t undo the harm done by sitting, a new study finds.

Irrespective of time spent in moderate to intensive physical activity, says the research, those who do the most sitting have the highest levels of calcification in arteries feeding blood to their hearts.

Coronary artery calcification leads to the formation of sticky plaques inside arteries. The plaque narrows the vessels and can break off, causing heart attacks. The new study, to be presented at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology, found that levels of this early biomarker for heart disease correlated with hours of daily sitting by 2,031 participants.

For each daily hour of sedentary time, average coronary artery calcification levels increased by 14 percent.  Read full story at Even for gym-goers too much sitting linked to heart disease

No surprise the Vedic lifestyle remains the most preferred lifestyle of healthy people of all times.


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