John Kerry says world leaders are shocked at what is happening in America



“Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America,” Kerry told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. “They cannot believe it. I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked. They don’t know where it’s taking the United States of America. And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they’re posed to me, it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”

Although Kerry didn’t refer to anyone by name, Trump and Cruz are the two candidates with the most overtly “shocking” policy proposals, and even some of Trump’s less-horrific ideas are unprecedented. For instance, in a lengthy interview with the New York Times about his foreign-policy agenda Friday, Trump told reporters he’s “not isolationist,” but he’s “America first.” “We will not be ripped off anymore,” he said of his pronouncement that U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia should pay to keep American forces on their soil.

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