Modern scientists baffled again – Say the universe should have collapsed


Recently I read a news story on the Internet and thought it was interesting. Interesting because it referred to our modern scientist friends, who now propose that going by their latest findings on the behavior of the so called God particle, or Higgs Boson, the universe that we still live in should have collapsed! It appears that the much celebrated discovery of Higgs Boson in 2012 has landed them in a greater trouble explaining the origin of the universe. What they said is, in a way, one of the most conceding statements by the mainstream scientists in their ever-growing world of “previously thought” wrong concepts.

The author of the news story, Ryan Johnson, Daily Digest News, rightly says, “The science and astrophysics community was ecstatic with the discovery of the Higgs Boson in July of 2012, but two years later the physics its discovery has exposed shows the universe shouldn’t exist.”

Some people argue that this is the process of the scientific advancement – they think, they experiment, they discover, they find they were wrong, they again do more research, and so on. However, the fact is, our friends are not able to admit that they do not know something, and can never know it, unless they accept the knowledge descending from the creator of the universe, and the controller of the invincible nature.

On the other hand, quoting from Sri Brahma Samhita, Srila Prabhupada says in SB 2.5.11, Purport: “In this verse Brahmājī clears up the wrong impression held by the less intelligent and affirms that he creates the universal variegatedness after the potential creation by the glaring effulgence of Lord Sri Krishna. Brahmaji has also separately given this statement in the samhita known as the Brahma-samhita (5.40), where he says.

yasya prabhā prabhavato jagad-aṇḍa-koṭi-koṭiṣv aśeṣa-vasudhādi-vibhūti-bhinnamtad brahma niṣkalam anantam aśeṣa-bhūtaṁgovindam ādi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi

“I serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead Govinda, the primeval Lord, whose transcendental bodily effulgence, known as the brahma-jyotir, which is unlimited, unfathomed and all-pervasive, is the cause of the creation of unlimited numbers of universes with varieties of climates and specific conditions of life.”

Lord Maha Vishnu breathing out innumerable universes!
Lord Maha Vishnu breathing out innumerable universes!

The news goes on to quote some modern scientists: “During the early universe, we expected cosmic inflation — this is a rapid expansion of the universe right after the Big Bang,” said study co-author Robert Hogan, a Ph.D. student in physics at King’s College in London. “ This expansion causes lots of stuff to shake around, and if we shake it too much, we could go into this new energy space, which could cause the universe to collapse.”

What is interesting to note here is, what they say implies that if the Higgs Boson discovery were to be right, the Big Bang theory would have to be wrong, because the universe has not collapsed.  Since they claim that the Higgs Boson is for real, and since they do not want to yet say that the Big Bang is, as some people call it, a big bluff, they are having serious difficulties reconciling the two. I wouldn’t be surprised if I read in the near future that either one of the two, or both the theories were wrong. It is certain that as they do more research they will find more bewildering and “uncertain” behavior of the material nature.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad-gita (7.14):

daivi hy esa guna-mayi  mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante  mayam etam taranti te

TRANSLATION: This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.

Srila Prabhupada, in his purport to this verse, says:The Supreme Personality of Godhead has innumerable energies, and all these energies are divine. Although the living entities are part of His energies and are therefore divine, due to contact with material energy, their original superior power is covered. Being thus covered by material energy, one cannot possibly overcome its influence. As previously stated, both the material and spiritual natures, being emanations from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, are eternal. The living entities belong to the eternal superior nature of the Lord, but due to contamination by the inferior nature, matter, their illusion is also eternal. The conditioned soul is therefore called nitya-baddha, or eternally conditioned. No one can trace out the history of his becoming conditioned at a certain date in material history. Consequently, his release from the clutches of material nature is very difficult, even though that material nature is an inferior energy, because material energy is ultimately conducted by the supreme will, which the living entity cannot overcome. Inferior material nature is defined herein as divine nature due to its divine connection and movement by the divine will. Being conducted by divine will, material nature, although inferior, acts so wonderfully in the construction and destruction of the cosmic manifestation.”

Baffling the scientists again and again is certainly Lord Krishna’s mercy upon them, who are also, after all, His children, albeit misguided and forgetful of their real existence. I wish them well.

Hare Krishna


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