NASA speculates Black hole may be producing mysterious particles


Although too far from the reality, NASA’s latest speculation does remind me of a few verses from the Brahma samhita, the prayer by Lord Brahma to Lord Krishna right after he realized the purpose of his own existence and had a vision of the ever-existing spiritual world. After all, the cosmic creation is made of material elements and as such can be observed, at least to a tiny extent, by material calculation. Considering this, not all that modern scientists say and believe is baseless.  The difficulty is, they only see a tiny manifestation of God’s creation and claim that they have seen it all, and even worse, understood it all.   For them the Black hole remains a mystery and it will remain so until they accept the cause behind the creation, i.e. the will and potency of the supreme personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.

Brahma samhita mentions:

yah karanarnava-jale bhajati sma yoga-nidram ananta-jagad-anda-sa-roma-kupah
adhara-saktim avalambya param sva-murtim govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

Meaning: I adore the primeval Lord Govinda who assuming His own great subjective form, who bears the name of Sesa, replete with the all-accommodating potency, and reposing in the Causal Ocean with the infinity of the world in the pores of His hair, enjoys creative sleep [yoga-nidra].

yasyaika-nisvasita-kalam athavalambya jivanti loma-vilaja jagad-anda-nathah
visnur mahan sa iha yasya kala-viseso govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

Meaning: Brahma and other lords of the mundane worlds, appearing from the pores of hair of Maha-Visnu, remain alive as long as the duration of one exhalation of the latter [Maha-Visnu]. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda of whose subjective personality Maha-Visnu is the portion of portion.

bhasvan yathasma-sakalesu nijesu tejah sviyam kiyat prakatyaty api tadvad atra
brahma ya esa jagad-anda-vidhana-karta govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

Meaning: I adore the primeval Lord Govinda from whom the separated subjective portion Brahma receives his power for the regulation of the mundane world, just as the sun manifests some portion of his own light in all the effulgent gems that bear the names of suryakanta, etc.

There is much more to learn about the universe that we live in. There are trillions and zillions of universes, all with their own laws of physics. The Vedic scriptures conclusively describe it all without a trace of doubt and mental speculation. If our limited intelligence and experience disallow us from comprehending that higher science, it is our misfortune and doesn’t, in any way, make the Vedic explanation a mythology no matter how fantastic the description may be. In fact it proves how complicated the science of creation is.

mahavishnu3 blackhole2To those who are interested in understanding the cosmic cycle, how the universe came into being, how it functions, and how and when it gets annihilated and again created, and how this cycle goes on from time immemorial, we recommend reading of Srimad Bhagavatam, apart from the other books like Brahma samhita.

Read below the report that inspired me to quickly write a few lines that you just read:

Washington: The giant black hole at the center of the
Milky Way may be producing mysterious particles called
neutrinos, say NASA scientists.

Neutrinos are tiny particles that carry no charge and interact
very weakly with electrons and protons.

Unlike light or charged particles, neutrinos can emerge from
deep within their cosmic sources and travel across the universe
without being absorbed by intervening matter or, in the case of
charged particles, deflected by magnetic fields.

“Figuring out where high-energy neutrinos come from is one of
the biggest problems in astrophysics today,” said Yang Bai from
University of Wisconsin in Madison.

“We now have the first evidence that…

Read full story at: Black hole producing mysterious particles: NASA



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