Petroleum Ministry espionage: Is it really a Rs 10,000 cr scam?


As expected the blame game has begun. Very soon you can also expect to see the bucks being passed around full speed. The difference here, however, is the accused himself is saying that it’s a scam although the reason for saying so could be altogether another thing.

A key accused in the corporate espionage case today claimed that it was a Rs 10,000 crore scam that he was trying to uncover as police said documents seized from corporate executives related to “national security” that can attract Official Secrets Act provisions.

Meanwhile, a local court remanded the five arrested corporate executives in police custody till February 24 for further questioning. Delhi Police also conducted raids here and in nearby Noida looking for stolen documents from offices of petroleum companies.

Santanu Saikia, a former journalist, now running an energy consultant running a website, claimed to reporters outside an Crime Branch office that it was a Rs 10,000 crore scam, which he was trying to uncover. “Please quote me,” he said as policemen took him in for interrogation.

Reacting to his claim, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said Saikia was saying such things for covering up his own defence. Petroleum Ministry document leak: Its a Rs 10,000 cr scam, claims accused Santanu Saikia | The Financial Express

It is natural to wonder as to what would be the outcome of the investigation. The point is, no matter who the culprit is and who are behind the espionage, one thing is common, and that is, it is done for money.  People think that by economic development they can solve all problems of life. Not really.

Here is what Srila Prabhupada has to say about economic development:

If economic development and material comforts could drive away one’s lamentations for family, social, national or international inebrieties, then Arjuna would not have said that even an unrivaled kingdom on earth or supremacy like that of the demigods in the heavenly planets would be unable to drive away his lamentations. He sought, therefore, refuge in Krishna consciousness, and that is the right path for peace and harmony.

Economic development or supremacy over the world can be finished at any moment by the cataclysms of material nature. Even elevation into a higher planetary situation, as men are now seeking on the moon planet, can also be finished at one stroke. The Bhagavad-gita confirms this: ksine punye martya-lokam vishanti… “When the results of pious activities are finished, one falls down again from the peak of happiness to the lowest status of life.” Many politicians of the world have fallen down in that way. Such downfalls only constitute more causes for lamentation.   (Bhagavad-gita 2.8 purport)


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