Shame on Indians who doubt India’s Surgical strike for political gain

However, the question is not of who said what; it is of what this whole episode shows if not an organized attempt to defame India and its present leadership. The fact that they have come together to raise doubts on India's integrity shows there is more to it than just political interest.


Starting 1947 when Britishers successfully manged to divide India by creating hatred between Hindus and Muslims, India has seen a constant flow of cross-border terrorism originating from Pakistan. The world is witness to it and no neutral observer should have doubt in this. The recent surgical strike carried out by India’s brave soldiers has sent a strong message to Pakistan not to take India’s tolerance for granted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with the Indian army, is naturally being hailed for the strike and the world leaders have supported India for this clear anti-terror operation.

For all good reasons, the support received is noteworthy. Not only from India’s state leaders and army veterans, words of support continue to pour in from foreign land through phone calls, wires, emails and social media. Apart from the neighborhood, top leaders from Europe, US and Russia have also joined hands with India in support of the surgical strike.

“Uri attack against India was horrific. Prayers are with victims’ families. I will continue to follow India’s subsequent counter terrorism op closely,” Congressman Steny Hoyer, Democratic Whip in the US House of Representatives wrote on Twitter yesterday.

“Our sympathy and support go out to India as they work to counter the terrorism they faced in the Uri Attack,” Congressman Pete Olson said in a tweet. Olson, from Texas, is Vice Chair of House Energy and Power Committee.

“Condolences to the victims of last week’s terrorist attack on the Indian Army base in Kashmir. We stand with India fighting terrorism,” said Senator Jeff Flake from Arizona (Source)

“The greatest human rights violations take place when terrorists attack military installations and attack peaceful civilians in India. We welcome the surgical strike. Every country has right to defend itself,” – Russian Ambassador to India Alexander M Kadakin to CNN-News18  (Source)

Just to quote a few.

However, there are some unfortunate people within India who are not happy with this heroic feat of Indian army just because they have their political agenda against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Such people seem to be working as foreign pawns on Indian ground. Mysteriously, they find faults in every action of India that takes the country’s progress one step further.

surgical strike representational image
Representational image

Pakistan sponsored terrorism is no more a news and the minimum India could do to respond to it is what it did on September 29 – a lightening fast surgical strike killing scores of terrorists in PoK. The weirdest thing Pakistan did after they woke up was deny any surgical strike! But if there wasn’t a surgical strike as claimed by India and supported by world’s top powers, why is Pakistan fuming with anger and talking of nuclear war? Isn’t something seriously wrong there? Or is it because they lost two army men while fighting against India’s attack on terrorist launch pads? Whatever it may be, it can be justified on political ground so far it comes from Pakistan, but what to think when it comes from Indian nationals?

The recently published 2:52 minute video by New Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is one such example. While apparently praising Narendra Modi and Indian army, he indirectly highlighted Pakistan’s story that India’s claim of surgical strike is fabricated. Attempting to be smart, this gentleman made fun of himself by airing the video clip.

“Recently they (Pakistan) took a delegation of international media to Pakistan and told them that there was no surgical strike at all by the Indian forces. They are spreading a false propaganda. Modiji should expose the false propaganda of Pakistan,” he was quoted as saying.

When confronted by BJP leaders on his motives, Mr Kejriwal argued that he was only supporting the government. Yes, he was speaking as if supporting but between the lines his intention wasn’t difficult to read. Giving benefit of the doubt and assuming he was in fact supporting, how come has he now turned his request into a demand? Not only he, more than one Congress leaders have also demanded proof of the surgical strike. No surprise if the members of other opposition parties join them soon.

Some BJP leaders have done their job by responding to Kejriwal and company:

Subramanian Swamy, Rajya Sabha MP: “Arvind Kejriwal is anti-national in character and the Centre should consider to dismiss his government.”

Sudhanshu Mittal, Spokesperson: “In the next surgical strike, Arvind Kejriwal should be tied to a drone with a GoPro strapped on his forehead for live streaming.”

Rameshwar Sharma, MLA: “People questioning jawans are the kind who will only believe their lineage after watching the video of their parents’ wedding night.” (Source)

As if competing with Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi has also accused Modi of doing dalali of Jawans’ blood. This can show how desperate he is for limelight. Such lowly statement can come only from those who can imagine doing it.

Up until now we have not seen Indian media joining the bandwagon. This is a good sign but keeping in mind how it’s controlled and influenced by foreign forces it would not be surprising if it gradually takes a turn. After all it’s about power, politics and on top of all, money.

In a surprising turn, IndiaToday has reported that “a senior Pakistan police officer has conceded that India indeed carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and killed at least five soldiers and many militants in an operation that Islamabad has continued to deny ever since it happened on September 29. Ghulam Akbar, the Superintendent of Police (Special Branch) of the Mirpur Range in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, told an Indian news channel that the strikes took place in many sectors in the early hours of September 29.” This is a hard slap on the faces of those who raised doubts in India’s claim.

However, the question is not of who said what; it is of what this whole episode shows if not an organized attempt to defame India and its present leadership. The fact that they have come together to raise doubts on India’s integrity shows there is more to it than just political interest. Or else how come after Pakistan took a truckload of foreign journalists on a tour to make them believe no surgical strike took place, the world’s major media houses echoed its claims shedding doubt on India’s position?

Indians need to realize that Britishers did not leave India in the hands of Mahatma Gandhi or Sardar Patel. They carefully chose those who they could control remotely. If we look at the dynasty rule in India since the independence, and if we notice the ongoing propaganda to still support them, it is easy to realize how India’s political system has been remotely controlled and manipulated by foreign powers for all these years. The fact that even the most precious blood of India’s Jawans is being dragged in to create conspiracy theories that can potentially damage India’s reputation shows Indians need to take a serious note of this and recognize those flourishing on Indian soil but most likely working against India’s interest.



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