Are asteroids really a threat to Earth? Here is a reality check


The latest claim by modern scientists on an asteroid makes me tell you a joke.

A child was sitting in his room continuously shredding papers. His father was perplexed to see him do it everyday with all intensity and sincerity. So he asked the boy:

Father: My dear boy, I see you shredding papers everyday. Why do you do so?

The boy gravely replied, while still shredding the papers: “I do it to prevent elephants from coming inside our home. I am afraid they will destroy my toys.”

Father: But there are no elephants around nor do they go inside anyone’s home. Don’t be afraid. Stop shredding papers.

The boy looked up and confidently said: Dad, you know what? They are not coming because I am shredding the papers…!

What can the father say? The boy believed elephants were not coming because he was shredding papers. The reality was different.

All the universal affairs are tightly under the control of superior beings. A rare class of reputed mainstream scientists have also began to look into it and have turned to Vedic scriptures to learn more. Our planet is stated to survive for 12 hours of Lord Brahma’s day, which equals to 4,320,000×1000, that is, 4,32,0000000 earthly years.

“Each yuga cycle is composed of 4 yugas.  The first, the Satya-yuga, lasts 4800 years of the demigods.  The second, the Treta-yuga, lasts 3600 years of the demigods.  The third, the Dvapara-yuga, lasts 2400 years of the demigods.  And the fourth, Kali-yuga, lasts 1200 years of the demigods .  Since the demigod year is equivalent to 360 earth years, the lengths of the yugas in earth years are, acording to standard Vaishnava commentaries, 4,32,000 years for the Kali-yuga, 8,64,000 years for the Dvapara-yuga, 12,96,000 years for the Treta-yuga, and 17,28,000 years for the Satya-yuga.

“This gives a total of 43,20,000 years for the entire yuga cycle.  One thousand of such cycles, lasting 43,20,000 years, comprises one day of Brahma, the demigod who governs this universe.  A day of Brahma is also called a kalpa.  Each of Brahma’s nights lasts a similar period of time.   Life is only manifest on earth during the day of Brahma.  With the onset of Brahma’s night, the entire universe is devastated and plunged into darkness.  When another day of Brahma begins, life again becomes manifest.

“Each day of Brahma is divided into 14 manvantara periods, each one lasting 71 yuga cycles.  Preceding the first and following each manvantara period is a juncture (sandhya) the length of a Satya-yuga (17,28,000 years).  Typically, each manvantara period ends with a partial devastation.   According to Puranic accounts, we are now in the twenty-eighth yuga cycle of the seventh manvantara period of the present day of Brahma.” (Source)

But the modern scientists, like that paper-shredding-boy, keep concocting and frightening others.

Ironically, quite often, the scientists don’t even believe what they want other people to believe in. In many cases they are childish like the boy above, but there are instances when general mass of people was, and is being deliberately misled by government agencies for achieving other goals.

1443889984065Come 2022, scientists will attempt to save all of humanity from an asteroid. Calm down, it’s just a trial run. The joint US-European AIDA—that’s Asteroid Deflection and Assessment—mission intends to crash a probe into a 525-foot-wide asteroid known as Didymoon to see if the impact will change its orbital path. Scientists to see if they can save planet from asteroid | Fox News

Giving benefit of the doubt, if they are serious about their claim to attempt to save the earth, it springs from their extremely high false ego and bubble of illusion that they can control natural affairs.

This people cannot even handle earthquakes and hurricanes on the planet they are allowed to live on, and they are talking about avoiding an imaginative asteroid strike.

Looks like they need another massive budget approval from the government authorities to continue with their so-called research, an industry requiring huge financial inflow, for the next five years after which, by 2020, they can say that the threat is not a threat as previously thought. And mind you, the funding comes from the taxpayer’s money. At least, that paper-shredding-boy was destroying only waste papers, not today’s paper currency.



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