Stop that arrogance by all means! Let India progress

The parliament is not meant for over ambitious people working desperately for their own selfish agendas. And it is certainly not a wrangling ground where MPs engage in shouting and accusing one another for want of logical arguments and issue based facts


There are reasons I am making an exception today to my preferred policy of not giving opinions on political parties. What we saw during the last parliament session is unique to Indian history and an insult to the very core of India’s constitution and culture.

It is about a handful of opposition party leaders celebrating an accomplishment. The accomplishment was, they were able to stop the ruling party from passing certain legislation during the monsoon session. They achieved it by repeatedly stalling the parliament sessions despite knowing well how it was crucial for the country to let the parliament function, especially when the whole world is under the threat of economic collapse and increasing wars between and within countries. India is no exception by any means. It was such a shameful display of imprudent behavior that at one point even some of the opposition party leaders had to distance themselves from it.

By looking at some of the arguments the opposition parties, especially the Congress, put forward to justify their childish uproar as to why they did it, one can understand that the intention behind their move was pitiably political and outright selfish.

In the absence of any important role for them to play in India’s development, thanks to their history of exploitative policies, they turned to yelling and shouting in the parliament on daily basis. Calling such a destructive move an achievement itself shows how pathetic condition the opposition parties, especially the Congress, is in, again, thanks to their history that made the voter put them in their place.

But now it seems that they don’t even deserve their new role, i.e., leader of the opposition party.  Voters will have to take a serious note of this and ensure the country is allowed to progress and not become victim of personal motivations and vested interest.

Addressing a large rally in Chandigarh on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly said: “Disregarding 400-odd parliamentarians, 40 MPs want to stall the future plans of India.”  He added that Indian voters must not forgive opposition MPs’ arrogance. Referring to the Congress MPs, he said they have conspired against the ideals of democracy and want to insult voters.

“It is after 30 years that any government with a clean majority has been voted to power in Delhi. But our voices are being stopped in Lok Sabha. But beyond the Lok Sabha is Jan Sabha (Peoples’ parliament) and that is why I am expressing my views before you.” Mr Modi said. (Source)

The parliament is not meant for over ambitious people working desperately for their own selfish agendas. Nor is it a playground where newbies learn how to become a leader. And it is certainly not a wrangling ground where MPs engage in shouting and accusing one another for want of logical arguments and issue based facts. Let there be strict codes of conduct and penalties to teach lesson to those MPs and leaders who don’t uphold the dignity and honor the Indian house of parliament deserves.

Voters need to ensure that any party which resorts to unconstitutional tactics to stop parliament functioning or any such nuisance, is thrown out of the house for good.

Opposition parties are an essential part of a healthy democracy but that does not mean that they be allowed to whimsically rave and rant, throw papers and articles, speak filthy language and engage in conspiracies. It is high time the people of India make up their mind and empower the Narendra Modi lead government to smoothly govern the country, by voting out parties which act irresponsibly and against India’s interest.

This government has taken many initiatives to wage war against corruption, seize black money from foreign accounts, control inflation and various other diseases that India has been infected with during last few decades. The congress very well knows how long it could take to disentangle the present mess left in India under its leadership. People shouldn’t be fooled by the opposition parties into thinking that BJP is not doing enough or that Mr Modi is not keeping his promises.

Any neutral person with political, diplomatic, economic and military insights can see the positive changes India is going through under Mr Modi’s leadership. Yes people do make mistakes and so do the leaders. I personally don’t agree with some of the BJP government policies but we don’t want to throw the baby with the bath water.

Let me again clarify myself. The reason I made the exception to my usual policy of not opining on any political party is, after taking notice of the reckless screaming in and whimsical boycotting of parliament sessions, and by doing so chalking India’s growth, the opposition parties, especially the congress, made me think they don’t care a fig for India’s well-being and that compelled me to say a few words as I realized that enough was enough.


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