Three more Categories added by Mayapur Voice


Honoring suggestions from its readers, Mayapur Voice has named three new titles to its list of Categories today.

Kids campus:

Srila Prabhupada emphasized on children education. We want to contribute to this area by encouraging all parents and guardians to help their children become more expressive and dynamic in nature. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. One cannot become a successful leader unless he or she has an ability to speak his or her thoughts. The new category called “Kids campus” aims to assist our society achieve this. We have chosen the word “campus” on purpose: Prahlad Maharaj says that one should practice Krishna consciousness from the age of five. A campus is not just a playground but a place to share thoughts and to understand the nature of the world better through discussions and debates.

Feel free to engage your children in writing for and sharing with Mayapur Voice. A simple drawing, likes and dislikes, a story of choice, reporting on a football match, or even suggestions for improvements, are a few examples that they can share.

Hello India:

As we know, India is the source of eternal knowledge. Srila Prabhupada advised his followers to learn spirituality and culture from India. Unfortunately, due to the influence of Kaliyuga, India has turned to the West and is losing its originality. It is important that this trend is checked before it is too late. There is a great hope in the world that the new government of India will be able to bring India back to its leadership position, not only in terms of the so called development but also by reestablishing India’s timeless wisdom. The world is watching with interest and hope where India is heading to. With the introduction of a new category called “Hello India” Mayapur Voice intends to keep its readers abreast with the news and facts about India on regular basis.

Critics court:

It is felt by some senior well wishers and contributors that since Mayapur Voice intends to assist ISKCON and other similar organizations in educating the mass, not only in spiritual life, but also in real social welfare, it is crucial that it hears what the critics have to say about them. It is said that critics are the best friends. Adding one more category named “Critics court” is our humble attempt to hear from the critics and address their concerns.

We hope the new categories will inspire increased involvement from our readers. If you have any comment or concern, please write to us at or leave a comment below.


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