Unemployment – Defect of the modern civilization


Srila Prabhupada assessed any situation with utmost clarity and on the platform of truth. Here is just one example of his great ability to clearly see things for what they are in an instant…while others (collectively) may take decades to grasp fully.

Srila Prabhupada said in 1977

“Because the education was very high, Vedic education. Satisfied with Brahman realization. Brahma-bhutah prasannatma [Bg. 18.54]. Not very long ago, say about 300 years ago, there was a brahmana, a very rigid brahmana, in Krsna-nagara, near our Mayapura. And brahmana’s business, he was teaching. So the king of that place, means a big zamindar, Raja Krsna-candra … By his name, that place is Krsna-nagara. So he heard about the brahmana, very learned brahmana, but very poor. So he one day came to him and asked him, “Brahmana, can I help you any way?” So he said, “No, I don’t require any help from you.”

“No, I see you are so poverty-stricken. You have no sufficient means.” “No, I am not poverty-stricken. My students, they get some alms of rice. So my wife boils the rice, and here is a tamarind tree. So I take some leaves and boil it, and that’s sufficient. Why I am poverty-stricken?” He’s satisfied, whatever is coming automatically, that’s all. He doesn’t require any higher standard of life, any botheration. He is satisfied, little rice and tamarind juice. That’s all. So in each and every home, formerly, this independence was very much valued. So at the modern education this independence is being killed. People are becoming unemployed, machine. Machine … High technologist means he must find out a job where technological machines are there. Otherwise he will starve, and he will have to go round, factory to factory: “Will you give me some service?” “No vacancy.”

(Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.3.18-19 – Bombay, March 23, 1977, At Cross Maidan Pandal)”



40 years later….

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What Jobs Will the Robots Take? – The Atlantic


Jan 23, 2014 – Another way of posing the same question is: Where do machines work better … But in the past 30 years, software and robots have thrived at … Most remaining factory jobs are “likely to diminish over the next decades,” they write. … In the second half of the 20th century, however, software technology took the …

Report Suggests Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Are Vulnerable to …


Sep 12, 2013 – The authors believe this takeover will happen in two stages. First, computers will start replacing people in especially vulnerable fields … This could next put jobs in management, science and engineering, and …. Year in Review: Heath Care …. Less hours worked, maybe 20 or so to spread out existing jobs.



Feb 8, 2015 – “The Economist” predicts that within the next 20 years half of all jobs will be taken over by machines. In some highly automated industries, like …

Ten million jobs at risk from advancing technology – Telegraph

www.telegraph.co.uk › Finance › News by Sector › Industry

Nov 10, 2014 – Ten million British jobs could be taken over by computers and robots over the next 20 years, wiping out more than one in three roles. Low-paid …

Bill Gates: Bots Are Taking Away Jobs – Business Insider


Mar 13, 2014 – Bill Gates believes that within 20 years a lot of jobs will be replaced by software. … over a dozen jobs sure to be taken over by robots in the next 20 …. The world didn’t end when textiles were moved to machines in the late 19th …

Technological singularity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


May not the world last twenty million years longer? … At some stage therefore we should have to expect the machines to take control, …. Extrapolating from such past events, Hanson proposes that the next ….. However, it took over 40 years for Richard Feynman and others to produce meaningful numbers from the theory.

The future of jobs: The onrushing wave | The Economist


Jan 18, 2014 – For much of the 20th century, those arguing that technology brought ever …. that the amount of progress computers will make in the next few years is … The combination of big data and smart machines will take over some …

Phew, The Robots Are Only Going To Take 45 Percent Of All …


Sep 18, 2013 – That unemployment doesn’t rise by 20 million each year is because … of all jobs are vulnerable to being done by the computers/robots. Over two decades note. Over two decades we would actually expect some 400 million jobs to … This would appear to be something that the economy can take in its stride.

Robotic Nation, by Marshall Brain


“McDonald’s has a new system that you can use to order your food right in the play area. … By 2025, the first machines that could see, hear, move and manipulate …. Over the next 55 years, the same thing will happen to us with robots. … we will see significant progress in the image processing field over the next 20 years.

[PDF]The Future of Employment – Oxford Martin School


by CB Frey – ‎2013 – ‎Cited by 71 – ‎Related articles

Sep 17, 2013 – Less than ten years ago, in the chapter “Why People Still Matter”, … computers are and will be suited to accomplish. …. The British government however took an increasingly stern view on ….. balance the jobs at risk over the next decades. III. ….. The extent of computerisation in the twenty-first century will thus …



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