What will Vijay Mallya do now? India unveils anti-fugitive bill to corner economic offenders

We wouldn't be surprised though if, instead of seeing Vijay Mallya back, we see a series of economic offenders, including ex-ministers and politicians, follow the suit and fly out of India. The hope is, the new bill to seize such fugitives' properties will act as a deterrent.


This is another masterstroke of the Indian government under Narendra Modi’s leadership. The painful question for the likes of Vijay Mallya et al is, where to flee now? The answer is, flee anywhere you like. Not only your properties will be seized in India, the Indian government will go after you wherever you go and when you are forced to return, you will have no properties and wealth to bribe politicians and chartered accountants with.

indiatimes.com“It is widely felt that the spectre of high-value economic offenders absconding from India to defy the legal process seriously undermines the rule of law in India. It is, therefore, felt necessary to provide an effective, expeditious and constitutionally permissible deterrent to ensure that such actions are curbed,” a government statement said detailing the new “Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, 2017”.

“According to the bill, a fugitive economic offender is a person who has an arrest warrant issued in a scheduled offence and who leaves or has left India so as to avoid criminal prosecution or refuses to return to India to face criminal prosecution.”  Bill to seize property of fugitives unveiled – Times of India

Just then we read this:

“Former finance minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram who is under CBI scanner for an alleged case of bribery and corruption, on Thursday left for London.” (Source)

Although his father has assured Karti is travelling as per earlier plans and will return soon, it remains to be seen if taking his statement on face value is worth. In any case, London does seem to shelter Indian defaulters in some cases.

We wouldn’t be surprised though if, instead of seeing Vijay Mallya back, we see a series of ex-ministers and politicians follow the suit and fly out of India. Hopefully, the new bill to seize fugitives’ properties will act as a deterrent to such unlawful practices.

In the past, people who misused their positions have been eventually jailed and even hanged after their good karmas were exhausted. Bhagavad Gita scientifically describes how a person enjoys or suffers the activities of his previous lives. What to speak of earthly people, Vedic scriptures talk about even those who ruled the whole universe and still at the end were punished, sometimes personally by God Himself. Ravana and Hiranyakashipa were extremely powerful kings who terrorized universal rulers, the devas or demigods, but eventually they were punished. Mr Mallya and the likes who are comparatively small flies in the big world of degraded and disgraced people, need to realize that it is their previous good karma that is protecting them, but once their quota of name, fame and wealth is exhausted the result of vikarma or bad karmas, from which there is no escape, is surely going to catch them. We can simply hope that good intelligence will prevail. (Who is protecting Vijay Mallya and the likes? How long?)

It is common for a wrongdoer under distress to make more mistakes. This gets worse when he or she is a non-believer. The reason is, without spiritual understanding a person goes intelligently bankrupt when calamities land on him with no route to escape. Under such situations he is unable to discriminate between right and wrong, and does not mind indulging in even more sinful activities to protect himself. As a result he ends up inviting more complexities. This is Maya’s way of dealing with those who do not accept authority of the almighty God. Conversely, a pious person is guided by the teachings of God, and is thus able to face the situation with sober mind. And once he goes through the rectifying process he is able to leave peacefully for the rest of his life.


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