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jio phone

Jio Phone promises another shake up in telecom industry

The much anticipated Jio Phone is finally announced. The time chosen by Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani cannot be more perfect. The announcement...
ram nath kovind

India elects new President – Ram Nath Kovind wins by huge margin

India has elected the next President. Mr Ram Nath Kovind, nominated by the ruling NDA, has been elected as country's 14th President with a...

Brihadesswarar Temple of Thanjavur

Also famed as the “Rajarajeshwara Temple”, “Rajarajeshwaram” and “Peruvudayar Temple”, this temple is located in Thanjavur in the state of Tamil Nadu. This temple...
Modi on GST rollout

GST – Ending endless confusion and deep-rooted corruption?

Finally India has done it. Enough, or more than enough, has been said and done to implement and to obstruct GST rollout in India...
Jagannath Ratha yatra

Hundreds of thousands pull Lord Jagannath’s Chariot despite pouring rain

It has always been a weekful of joyous devotional activities around the world for those who understand who Lord Jagannath is! Knowing that not...
serve cow

Why Complete ban on Cow slaughter in India is Crucial

Since time immemorial, India has been worshipping cattle. They have always had a dominant role in the worship, rituals, temple culture, agriculture and foremostly...
ndtv co-founder house probed

Is it wrong to question media barons? NDTV cannot be an exception

Refusing to come under pressure from media companies who label every legal action against them as anti-democratic, murder of free speech, and such other...
declare cow national animal, says high court justice

Rajasthan High Court: Make slaughter punishable by life term. Declare Cow as National Animal

In a lengthy yet pleasant statement, the Rajasthan High Court has strongly recommended that the cow be honored as India's national animal. The retiring...
animal slaughter and law of karma

Animal slaughter as livelihood? Unheard of in a civilized society

Following the recent nationwide ban on the sale of animals for slaughter, Indian government is facing protests in a few states where animal slaughter...
cow sale for slaughter banned

Congratulations India! Government imposes nationwide ban on sale of cows for slaughter

This, indeed, is a welcome news for a civilized country like India.  Continuing with its 3-year old tradition of fulfilling reasonable public expectations, the...


pleasant surprise

Like to give pleasant surprise? You may want to read this

Wanting to make our loved ones happy is humane. Among the many ways to make them happy, giving a pleasant surprise holds special significance...

Understanding Vata dosha in Ayurveda

In the ancient Ayurvedic text, the Charak Samhita, Charak describes all the etiological factors which contribute to disturbances in the body’s channels (srotas). ...

“Reject them. Reject them immediately!”

Scientists admit they were wrong. Millions have died as a result of this mistake. In 2014 TIME Magazine published on its cover recanting a very...

Google’s 10 new offerings – Get it or Forget it?

Flaunting its technological reach, at I/O 2016, Google showed how it plans to exploit the Internet with a series of new and improved Google...

History books challenged by mind-blowing underground ancient city

Distortion of history is not unknown to India, nor to the world. Whoever ruled the land, be it authoritarian kings or democratic governments, compromising historical...