Windows 10 released. Are you excited?


Windows 10 is released! Undoubtedly, Microsoft has worked hard to excite Windows fan before finally releasing the latest and much-talked-about version of its flagship operating system but the question is whether it achieved what it was set for? Only time will tell. For now within first 24 hours of release Microsoft says some 14 million installations took place! that’s not unimpressive by any means.

Windows 10s first 24 hours nets 14 million installs – SlashGear’s definitely been a busy few days for Microsoft. The jury, or at least most of them, is till out on whether Windows 10 has hit all the marks and early reports are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. That said, that hasn’t stopped the rollout of the update to devices, both for Windows Insiders and regular users and now Microsoft is taking a quick breather just to tell how things have gone and to subtly remind everyone to get their devices ready.

14 million devices. That’s how many already have Windows 10 just 24 hours after the update rolled out. Microsoft doesn’t really specify, but we’ll presume those numbers are for existing Windows installations upgrading to Windows 10. Even if we factor in completely new devices that shipped on 29th July, that’d still just be a drop in a sea of millions. While that might be an admittedly impressive number, at least compared to, say, the Windows 7 to Windows 8, but two factors contributed to this.

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