A Book distribution story


Today was the first day I went on Sankirtana in more than a month. I went from Australia, to Malaysia, to Taiwan, to L.A. to Minneapolis to Wisconsin in a matter of days. Then I spent a couple of weeks getting my motorhome repaired and ready for the road. I couldn’t afford a new motor home so the one I have is 30 years old and it has taken me a while to restore it and get it customized to a devotees needs. Now it is somewhat reliable and a good preaching van. After all that I finally got out on the street in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. As soon as I opened the door of my Van, it started raining. I found a place on the street with a roof over it and started to distribute. It was an hour or more before someone took a book but I was feeling blissful to be engaged in the service of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya so I didn’t mind. I knew I didn’t deserve any special treatment or rewards from Krishna so I just tried to serve in a happy, jolly mood and eventually people started picking up on it and the ecstatic, warm sunshine of Krishna Consciousness started to shine.

I met one lady who had moved to London with her husband and was not so interested in the,”Civilization And Transcendence” But wanted the Higher taste since she had been meaning to go to the Hare Krishna Restaurant in London-Soho. Then I met a guy who got a Chant and Be Happy from me last year and was impressed and then got a few more for his collection. In Madison there is a big block party every year where they close Mifflin street and thousands of people have a big drunken bash so I had given him a book there last year. He was impressed that I was there trying to help those people. He was there to protest the party since he thought it a big waste of time to simply get drunk and fall down and be miserable. Then I met a guy who had an Om tattoo on the back of his head and an Om ring. He was really interested and when he took the book and saw Prabhupada’s picture on the back he said he saw him on You Tube. I thought he must be mistaken since many people think they have seen Prabhupada when In fact it’s some other Guru. But he said on You Tube Prabhupada was in France talking to a Catholic Priest. The Priest was asking him about why the Cow is Sacred and Prabhupada explained that the Cow is the Mother because it gives Milk and we shouldn’t kill cows etc. The was Cardinal Danileou. I remember that Video. Somehow this Guy found it on You Tube. This man was really impressed with Prabhupada and gladly took a few books. It was really amazing how after so many years Srila Prabhupada is still Preaching. He’s alway’s preaching. He never stops. I feel so blessed to be serving him by distributing his books. I hope I can help the world along with the other devotees to start a worldwide revolution which will soon dissipate the darkness of ignorance that is destroying the happiness of all living entities in this Kali Yuga. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

Your Servent

Devaki NandanaDasa-RadhaDamodaraTSKP

(Story taken from http://iskconbookdistribution.com/srila-prabhupada-is-still-preaching/


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