ISKCON Kondaveedu performs Bhumi puja for a new temple


Kondavvedu is a historical place, where Rajas (Kings) of the then Reddy dynasty built a fort on a hill, located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, in South India.

The ruins of the old Kondaveedu fort on top of that hill, is located near a small village some 25 kilometers West of Guntur city.

It is significant that the New Capitol of the recently bifurcated State of Andhra Pradesh is going to be constructed at Amaravati, just 50 kilometers North of Kondaveedu.   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new capitol of Andhra Pradesh yesterday. Presently one of the leaders of ISKCON in Andhra Pradesh, Sriman Satyagopinath Das, who is temple president of three temples, at Rajamundry, Anantapur, and Guntur,  hrough his efforts has obtained eighty one acres land from the Andhra Pradesh State covernment at Kondaveedu .

Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated two years ago into two States, i.e. Andhra Pradesh remains the name for thirteen mostly coastal districts of the old A.P. State, and a new State of Telangana was formed from land-locked districts surrounding Hyderabad city, and some outlying areas.  The word “Telangana” is derived from “Trilinga Pradesh” – the land of three Shiva lingas.  The land was allotted before the bifurcation.

Yesterday. October 22, 2015, on the auspicious day of Sri Rama Vijaya dashami, bhumi puja (worship of the earth) and installation of a Deity of Ananta Shesha was performed on the Kondaveedu land.

ISKCON GBC for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Sriman Revati Raman Das, ISKCON Baroda temple president Basu Ghosh Das, ISKCON Nellore temple president Sukhadeva Swami, ISKCON Chandigarh Temple President Bhaktivinoda Das, and Ram Murari Das, temple president of ISKCON Vijayawada were present at the function.   Acharya Samskritananda Hari of Kaushalya Pitham at Baroda also was present.

The Swarna Hamsa (Golden Swan) temple will be constructed on sixteen acres of land.   The projected cost of the temple and surroundings is Rupees two hundred crores.

Several donors were introduced, and felicitated at the conclusion of the function.  Their immediate gifts to the project were announced during the function.

The bhumi puja rituals were performed by Shitalanga Gauranga Das of Udupi. He performed sthala shuddhi, kalasha sthapana, bhagavad avaahnam, shodashopachara and anantadev pratishtha.  Also prithivi puja, bhuta and devata bali.  Vaastu aradhana, purusha sukta, sri sukta, and vastu yajnas. Prayaschitta homa, vaishnava homa and purnahuti.

Then in a pit excavated for the shilanyaas, he performed the shilanyaas rituals, along with leading devotees and donors.   Anantadev and navashaktis were installed in the excavated pit.

Many congregational devotees and donors, mostly from Guntur, attended the function.  Three buses of congregational devotees came from Rajahmundry to attend the function.

Students of the Gayatri Nritya kala niketan (dance academy) from Rajahmundry, dancing in the traditional “kuchipudi” style that originated in Andhra Pradesh, performed several traditional dances to entertain the gathering.   The performance was well received by audience.   The dances, performed in traditional costumes, were quite attractive and well performed.

Prasad (full meals) was distributed to devotees at the function, as well as in the nearby villages.   Prasad was prepared for five thousand persons.

Nearby the Swarna Hamsa temple land, ISKCON Kondaveedu is running a goshalla situated on twenty two acres of land.  Presently there are thirty six cows, calves, and bulls that reside there.

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