Who allowed wholesale killing of Australia’s iconic animals, Kangaroos?

Wild animals kill other weaker animals for survival or selfish purpose. If human beings also do the same then where is the difference? In that case wild animals are better as they don't use machines for killing others


I thought Australian government was thoughtful, but their recent claim that killing some 2000 kangaroos, out of about 60 millions in the country, will help save the environment has made me change my opinion. What’s wrong with them? How can they be allowed to kill animals so brutally in the name of environment? Save environment by killing animals? Impossible. It’s an outrageously ridiculous assumption. No government has the right to kill animals who lived on the land since generations.

It is not the Kangaroos, or any other animal for that matter, but the human beings who have usurped animals’ land all over the world. What rights do governments have to decide to kill them just because they can’t find a better reason to undo their decades of thoughtless acts that have irreversibly damaged the environment?


A few years back we saw culling of hundreds of thousands of chickens under the pretext of saving mankind from “bird flu”, and prior to that similar slaughter took lives of thousand of innocent cows for preventing what they called “mad cow disease”! First of all, why on Earth should humans eat animals when healthier food can be grown on thousands of acres of empty land? Instead, they use the land to build industries, including slaughterhouses, and then complain that by eating animals they got sick! Right! If they don’t get sick, where will the monstrous medical industry earn from?

We need to live like human beings. Wild animals kill weaker animals for survival or selfish purpose. If human beings also do the same then where is the difference? In that case wild animals are better as they don’t use machines for killing others. It’s a shame that by using various propaganda like health, environment, global warming, etc. government authorities are whimsically killing or allowing to kill cows, kangaroos and other creatures. Intelligent class of people should take up the challenge and put a brake on such thoughtless acts if the planet has to be environmentally safe in real sense of the term.

Saving Kangaroos is not only the duty of Australians; it is the duty of all civilized beings. Similarly when a country decides to kill animals or birds, it should be protested by all countries. Under all circumstances such barbaric acts should be strongly condemned.

http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/over-1900-kangroos-to-be-culled-in-australia-official-1405882“A trial is currently underway to test the usefulness of fertility drugs as an alternative method of controlling kangaroo populations. (Representational Image). Melbourne: Highlights. To reduce kangaroos population, Australia will kill over 1,900 …” – 1900 Kangaroos To Be Killed In Australia For ‘Devastating Impact On Environment’ – NDTV

https://newmatilda.com/2016/05/12/killing-animals-does-damage-on-both-sides-of-the-knife/“Around 12 months prior to A Bloody Business, the brutal killing of kangaroos in the ACT and the apathy towards it by all Australian political parties inspired a small group to meet and form a new political party, the Animal Justice Party. Readers of my …” – Killing Animals Does Damage On Both Sides Of The Knife – New Matilda
http://www.outsideonline.com/2037071/overrood-behind-scenes-australias-surprising-kangaroo-conflictAustralia is home to 24 million people and roughly 60 million kangaroos. The cuddly looking creatures are still a beloved national icon, but they’re also the scourge of ranchers, frequent roadkill, a favorite on restaurant menus, and now the target of … They Shoot Kangaroos, Don’t They? – Outside Magazine



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