What caused the deaths of hundreds of Whales in New Zealand?

To think that only human beings have the right to live and flourish, and all other living entities are meant to be used to achieve that goal is not only shamefully selfish but also criminally demoniac. Being the most intelligent and able creature on the Earth, it is rather our responsibility to take care of other living entities.


While some people did show kindness towards the dying Whales, and while the government did take action to minimize the damage, whenever a calamity like this descends, a question resurfaces haunting many of us; do human beings at large at all understand their responsibility towards other creatures on the planet?

Have you ever seen a flood or earthquake killing hundreds and thousands at a time? How sad do you feel? The scenario in this particular case was somewhat similar. But on the other hand, looking at the bigger picture, little is the use of first torturing these poor sea creatures by whimsically invading their residential areas for fun and money, and when they hit the shore having lost the direction, run out of food, space and tolerance, try to help them survive.

Whales in danger


hindustantimes.comThe result of nefariously irresponsible human activities is in front of our eyes; these hundreds of peaceful creatures who do not bother human beings, do not share our space, do not share our food, do not touch our wealth, our time… nothing… they hardly even show their existence- they have died in hundreds.

Why on Earth people have to dump all kinds of radio active garbage, nuclear waste, poisonous plastic, and what not in the oceans? Why have we turned the oceans into playgrounds for testing deadly missiles and various other lethal weapons? Restlessly curious human beings have reached even under the gigantic ice plates of Antarctic ocean and found a colorful world of sea creatures there. Unfortunately, in a likely scenario, the next thing they would want to do is catch them, lock them up in the zoo or kill and eat them. Is that human? Powerful satellites and monstrous GPS monitoring devices located in different locations including in and around the seas and jungles have also done immeasurable damage to sea creatures and migrating birds.

Scientists today are baffled again and again about the accuracy with which the sea creatures swiftly navigate within the vast ocean and high flying birds easily traverse in the unlimited sky. They do not seem to realize that installing thousands of cell towers, even on mountains and in jungles, and deploying powerful satellites in the space seriously disturbs these innocent creatures’ ability to navigate.

Just like we have created tiny machines and drones that operate through GPS, the creator of this universe has made all bodies, including those of birds and aquatics , with built-in chips and sensors that guide their movement. Seriously! They are known for their mind-boggling direction and location tracking ability due to such so-called GPS systems hidden in their bodies.

People trying to help dying whalesEnvironmentalists and government officials will quickly come up with their own findings to defend their positions. The fact that such wholesale deaths have occurred in the past also can give their reasoning some credibility but this is not the only country where whales and other creatures get killed out of similar phenomena.

And it’s not only about whales either. In 2014, some 15000 Ducks had died in Kerala, India. It is also not only about “natural deaths” of non-human creatures. Humans have acted like terrorists killing thousands and millions of birds and animals either to satisfy their tongue, make money, or just for fun. Last year a Gorrila was shot dead in the Cincinnati Zoo simply because a child went next to him and the zoo authorities thought the child was in danger. Whose fault was it? In May 2016 the Australian government had ordered wholesale killing of their national animals, Kangaroos claiming that doing so they would help the environment! What concerns the most is, such a high level of ignorance goes on in the name of scientific advancement.

Whales hit on the beach

“New Zealand volunteers formed a human chain in the water at a remote beach on Friday as they tried to save about 100 whales after more than 400 of the creatures beached themselves in one of the worst whale strandings in the nation’s history. About three-quarters of the pilot whales were already dead when they were found Friday morning at Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island. It’s an area that seems to confuse whales and has been the site of previous mass strandings. Department of Conservation community ranger Kath Inwood said about 300 volunteers had joined conservation workers on the beach. She said they had refloated the whales at high tide and had formed the chain to try and prevent them from swimming back ashore.” (Images and news source 400 whales wash ashore on New Zealand beach, most die despite help | world-news | Hindustan Times)

If this cannot be stopped by us, we can at least cooperate with the laws of nature. How many species will we lament on when they become extinct on this planet? We seriously need to cultivate the spirit of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam– all those born on Earth are part of a single family.

To think that only human beings have the right to live and flourish, and all other living entities are meant to be used to achieve that goal is not only shamefully selfish but also criminally demoniac. Being the most intelligent and able creature on earth, it is rather our responsibility to take care of other living entities.

It is easy to blame the nature for such “natural deaths”. It is also easy to say “Oh whales do such things once in a while. We have seen this happen in the past too”. Who cares, after all? After some time the news will fade away and the great human civilization will keep advancing.

Hmm… Not really.

Nature works directly under the supervision of the Supreme Lord, who is the father of all living beings, not only of human beings, as some have conveniently concluded. Humanity has seen massive calamities killing thousands of them at once. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, wildfire, epidemics, and such other actions of mother nature is nothing but punishment imposed upon earthly beings by higher authorities who govern our tiny planet and other innumerable planets from upper planetary system. To some, this may sound like an imagination but reality does not change due to lack of knowledge. Defying God’s authority is ignorance and will only bring more miseries.

It is high time we realize the reasons behind today’s chaotic condition in the world. Inventing new theories is a waste of time. Complete knowledge is given in India’s ancient Vedic scriptures. Vedic wisdom is not about fighting on religions and faiths. It is about learning the science of life, for our benefit, and for the benefit of the world.


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