Congratulations Harsh Vardhan- You have shown the guts again

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Image via FirstPost

If this was the confidence with which our ministers publicly spoke in the past, India would not have suffered the humiliation it did in the last few decades. It is a shame for the previous governments and leaders that for decades they remained impressed by the technological advancement of the West and were afraid to speak of Vedic science and history. Even the Western scholars have praised Vedic science and admitted that the knowledge found in the ancient Sanskrit text is astonishingly enlightening and informative when it comes to understanding complex principles of physics. This is the first time in decades that Indian ministers have been able to speak about such so called “controversial” issues. They need to keep up the good work.

Union Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said one should not be ashamed of the country’s glorious past and asserted that it has been accepted by the West and in international documents that India had “huge amount of knowledge in every field.”

Replying to a question at a press conference on the publication of a paper about flying of aeroplanes 7,000 years ago at the Indian Science Congress (ISC), he referred to the perception in newspaper articles that in ISC they were only discussing history of science. “We have to accept it” he said and added that it had been accepted even by the West in documents and in Vedas that “we had huge amount of knowledge in every field.”

Dr. Harsh Vardhan said India was the most superior power in the world not only in science but in other fields like medicine, art, culture and commerce. If a paper was published at ISC highlighting the experiences of the past and integrating it with what was happening today and our future goal, “I think we should not mind that,” he said.

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