Controversy over Taj Mahal’s origins comes into National limelight

The controversy over the origins of Taj mahal has gone political with Uttar Pradesh BJP chief Laxmi Kant Bajpai on Sunday saying that Mugal emperor Shah Jahan “purchased a part of Tejo Mahalaya temple’s land from Raja Jai Singh”, and claimed that he had documents to prove it.
Recently Azam Khan, a Samajwadi Party leader, had reportedly said that the famed mausoleum should be declared a property of the state’s Waqf Board. He, at a convention of ‘mutawallis’ (caretakers) had asked the chairman of State Sunni Central Waqf Board to make Taj Mahal a property of the board and appoint him as ‘mutwalli’.
Referring to the incident, The BJP chief of UP, Mr Bajpai, alleged, “Azam Khan has usurped property of Waqf and was now eyeing the world heritage Taj Mahal.” “Azam’s dream to offer namaz five times at Taj will never be fulfilled,” he said.
All India Shia Personal Law Board spokesperson, Maulana Yasoob Abbas, said,  “As far as Mumtaz Mahal is concerned, she was a Shia, but Taj Mahal is heritage of the country and it

should not be handed over to Sunni or Shia boards.” “ If the issue of handing Taj Mahal to the Waqf board is raised then Shia and Sunni will come face to face, therefore it should be kept away from the tussle,” he added.

There has been a lot of research work done on this subject matter claiming that Taj mahal is indeed made out of an ancient Shiva shrine. Mr Bajpai’s bringing this up in light at national level is likely to draw much attention, and war of words, especially among political parties.

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