DGCA seeks data from Airlines in India to check rising fares


Not sure how long DGCA will take to implement good norms. Around a year back we saw similar news when airlines were asked not to charge whimsically during peak sessions taking advantage of passengers’ need.

A recent incident comes to mind.

Someone came looking for an air fare as he had to fly urgently to Indore from Kolkata as a powerful storm had destroyed some property. We looked for the fare; it was 17,000+ per person! Isn’t that a plain rip off? He was not alone, meaning he would have to spend around INR 35,000 for two seats just to reach Indore; the price which, sometimes, is good enough for two to fly one way to London. He had no choice but cancel his plan.

plane1That’s Indian aviation today. This is the reason the DGCA has asked airlines to provide details on the number of ticket sold in the highest fare bracket and share of revenue earned from this on 20 identified routes. We only hope that the ill practice will stop as soon as possible.

“We have identified 20 routes across Tier-I, Tier-II and Tier-III cities for the purpose of making the perspective clear on how many seats are being sold,” a DGCA official said.

“The DGCA has identified routes like Mumbai-Srinagar, Kolkata-Guwahati, Kolkata-Port Blair, Delhi-Srinagar, Delhi-Leh, Delhi-Dehradun, Delhi-Patna, Delhi-Mumbai, Bangalore-Delhi, Delhi-Hyderabad and Mumbai-Hyderabad for this purpose. High air fares: DGCA seeks data from airlines, to publish it every month – Firstpost



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